The Perfect Dungeon

supported 100%

having the health of mokotuaa is a little far, maybe a fraction of the health of mokotuaa.

Yeti health, maybe then?

yea sounds perfect, great idea

does still sound a little off. almost 800k hp per mob for a group of 6 level 50’s doesn’t sound fun, especially because the mobs will be near max level, making them even harder to kill than i originally thought.

People can shred Yetis with a small group of people, or even solo. It shouldn’t be much of a challenge for a group of 6.

the mobs are level 45+ though

Although I did ask for this dungeon to be super hard, I feel like tankiness is not as important as damage for the enemies.

I liked the idea of spiderlings on how they had super low health but no one likes them because their damage is insane (But not anymore since we’re all higher levels)

If this is the Whispering Dunes, bandits should have bandit health and Scarabs should have scarab health.

But imagine this,

You have 2 scarabs at your left and right. An army of bandits in your front and at a tower above, you see a bunch of archers.

You have to clear them, fast, and a warrior is going to have a difficult time killing sniper enemies whether or not they have yeti health or regular health.

It should not be annoying, but you should die if not careful.

Along with my opinions on Cleric, I don’t really think we should go in the extreme and make potions not usable at all since people may want to carry rare HP potions (Say mushroom stew for an example) as an investment.

Though I want Clerics to play a bigger role, potions should not be totally useless, so I disagree for this sake.

However, the other points you’ve put out are excellent, they can allow for a difficult and interesting dungeon.

You’ll have to deal with things you can’t just solo yourself, you can’t AoE, DPS, and survive with your own abilities alone, and if you can, you should be bad at all three.

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Mob health/damage doesn’t scale with level (as far as we can tell) so I don’t see the issue with this.

That’s fair, yeah. Although enemies should have more health and damage than normal, maybe something like double guardian health and the same sort of damage?

How about this? Health regained from potions is halved (Mushroom Stew heals 50% max HP). Health gained from skills or other means is unaffected. This still makes potion usage at least partially viable, but makes having a Cleric much more helpful.

I do believe dungeons at the end-game stage should require a plethora of balanced parties. This will become more difficult to do with players you aren’t acquainted with due to the flexibility of the AP system which is being introduced eventually.

Spider queen does not really do that much damage.

Yes, this solves so many problems! The difficulty of the dungeon keeps it fun, it is something players can do as a fun guild activity, it solves how literally impossible 10 platinum is in the future, and it may be a way to add more resets/holys/cursed back into the economy

great idea. how much gold would each player get per run(aprox)? and also, the money should automaticly go to your guild vault that you get there, untill you have max lvl guile hall. that way, people will be mmore exited to do this so they can keep the money for themselves after max guild hall.
great idea, and why is this not requesting new feature?
like from me!
also i think this should be a randomly generated duengion, so it dosent get repeatitive and u never know what challenges there will be
someone answer me pls lol

1g probably (Remember that bandit camps give about 120s each run, so this is like 8-9 of those camps)

People should be allowed to use it for personal use since the guild hall is going to get paid eventually, however.

I think the best drops would be like the rare items and scrolls that may drop. Curseds? Holies? Resets? Ethyr Items?

Things that can be sold, a good weapon that’s level 50?

It should not be too long, especially if there are strict timers.

The reason why it is not in #gameplay-improvements:new-features is that I already know a dungeon is going to come out, but I am insisting on how it should be done.

ok good idea, i think id go with 2g just cuz 10kg? thats rlly alot
mabe it would give 50g, then spread it out so everyone got equal, or this would be veeerryyy time consuming
do u like the idea of automaticly going to vault though?

Everyone would be getting 1g, assuming that it’s a 6 player dungeon (Since its a party), there would be 6g in total.

This means you’d have to do ~167 dungeons before getting the tier 4 guild hall assuming you do not sell anything it drops.

I would not expect people to get from a t3 to a t4 instantly.

I disagree witht he vault idea,

ok, thanks for the reply
i really like this idea and would be very fun
also do u like randomly generated duengion idea?

Yes, actually

Although it would not completely take away the repetition (It will suppress it, however), it will also serve as a challenge since people have to plan right on the spot assuming there’s a time constraint.

yes, thats what i thought too. i really hope they add this. also, this is not requesting new feature, so idk if berezaa will look at it. hope he does tho. and hope he adds.