The Perfect Dungeon

I’ve been thinking, especially after the Guild Hall update:

How am I going to help my guild reach the 1000g goal for a Tier 4 Guild Hall and have fun doing it?

A good way to combat this question is adding a dungeon that allows guilds to work together and make tons of cash.

Currently, there are good ways to earn cash:

  • Bandit camps which give 100-150 silver each (solo)
  • WD weapon drops that sell for tons of silver
  • Selling Holy Scrolls

However, none of them are fun:

Bandit camps are inconsistant, people may steal your chest and serverswitching doesn’t feel natural and also feels like cheating. It’s also very annoying to find the “last bandit” that always happens when I think I’ve finished a camp. This frustuation is multiplied when it is night time.

Grinding mobs for weapons is okay, but it depends so much on luck. I don’t see progression when I do this method.

Holy Scrolls is found by either doing the shroom apocalypse or the SQR, but the shroom apocalypse is restricted to levels 10-20 and the SQR is super slow and repetative.

We need a way to battle this issue, a way to make tons of money but at the same time, make sure that the economy isn’t entirely full of money.

Guilds are the groups that need such huge amounts of money (After the 1,000g you’ll have to grind out as a guild, you’ll also need to grind out 10x the amount you’ve just grinded for a guild hall that is a tier higher (10,000g).

Guilds have to pay the most, individuals don’t have to pay that much (Unless you’re literally buying super rare things like the Baby Yeti Pet or the Spiderling Pet.)

However, guilds have an advantage that individual players do not have. They have the ability to group up more consistantly and depending on your guild’s requirements, group up well equipped.

This way, if you try to do it with randoms, you will have a significantly low chance of success (Someone may slack, not know what they’re doing, or have a weak weapon).

Guilds have the ability to group up, communicate, and gather a team that might be best. A party that has:

  • AoE
  • DPS
  • Survivability

If a dungeon requires all three, then a group of randoms will have a much harder time dealing with the dungeon than a well-communicated guild of people.

Just as an example of what a stage of this dungeon would look like (It’s not specific to dunes)

Sniper Enemies that gathers in huge crowds that are hard to reach (Magic bomb, Arrow rain, or Meteor Strike can deal with this well), Warrior Enemies that gather in huge crowds but are on the ground and pursues the players (Blade spin, flare, and rebuke can deal with this well), and huge enemies that appear among the chaos that has lots of HP (Rangers, Assassins, and Beserkers can deal with them well)

Basically, something that requires teamwork and communication.

Why am I suggesting such a hard dungeon?

Guilds need to make cash, they have to pay a total of 11,111g to get a Tier 5 Guild Hall without a 100% chance of having a “nolifer” that can tolerate tons of grinding that might be fun or might be boring.

Wouldn’t this inflate the economy more?

Yes, but it might do the opposite since this opens more opportunities to add more stat potions, more scrolls that players may need, and pretty much only do-able if you have a good team in hand so most of it is going to go into the paying for the Guild Halls.

As a final note, I suggest making it so the death penalty does take place (So people are less willing to come unprepared) and an equal payment for everyone (So the person that does the most DPS does not always get the most cash, people who keep you alive and keep huge crowds away are important too.)

The reason why I want equal rewards for everyone is that having a “slacker” in your dungeon would significantly lower your chance of success in the dungeon.

No matter if you are a healer, tank, or a glass cannon, everyone has an important role.


so like an expert mode dungeon that gives only gold?

I would imagine this dungeon would be infamously difficult, but drops not just silver but gold and maybe rare items.

It basically lets guilds have an easier time making money since they need tons of it.

would love this, vesteria needs a real challenge.

Interesting, to say the least.

I feel like a brand new dungeon to support guilds may not be the best use of the devs time. Perhaps introduce harder versions of dungeons. Like have an expert switch that the party leader can flip to change the difficulty of any dungeon.

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a brand new dungeon would bring in new content, and that’s what they’re planning for the dunes rework.

ik that, im saying that a brand new dungeon that is excluded to only guilds would be a waste of time and to introduce variations of already existing dungeons.

It would be difficult with randoms since there’s less coordination. I did not say that it is impossible with randoms (“Looking for someone with res”)

I would really enjoy something like this, but we know that when the Vesteria team says something is “super difficult”, they sometimes exaggerate quite a bit (apparently Whispering Dunes was supposed to be “brutal”). So just for some general thoughts on what would actually make it hard:

  • Basic enemies which do the damage of Spider Queen and have the health of Mo Ko Tu Aa. We’ve seen how even small groups of good players can take down these bosses, so why not just make them the stats of enemies all over the place?

  • All health potions disabled, you said you wanted Clerics to play a bigger role, there you go. This also encourages a good team diversity.

  • Strict timer. Really can’t say how much time because it would be difficult to figure out a good number of rooms of the top of my head, but it should be down to the wire. Plus, unlike in SQR, if the timer runs out you should just be killed automatically.

  • Final boss of the dungeon will always suppress ranged/magic damage. I believe the Yeti is similar in this regard.

  • Enemies are a mix of ranged and melee, to keep everyone on their toes.

This is just some stuff I’ve thought of off the top of my head. If I come up with anything else I’ll make a new reply or edit this post, we’ll see.


supported 100%

having the health of mokotuaa is a little far, maybe a fraction of the health of mokotuaa.

Yeti health, maybe then?

yea sounds perfect, great idea

does still sound a little off. almost 800k hp per mob for a group of 6 level 50’s doesn’t sound fun, especially because the mobs will be near max level, making them even harder to kill than i originally thought.

People can shred Yetis with a small group of people, or even solo. It shouldn’t be much of a challenge for a group of 6.

the mobs are level 45+ though

Although I did ask for this dungeon to be super hard, I feel like tankiness is not as important as damage for the enemies.

I liked the idea of spiderlings on how they had super low health but no one likes them because their damage is insane (But not anymore since we’re all higher levels)

If this is the Whispering Dunes, bandits should have bandit health and Scarabs should have scarab health.

But imagine this,

You have 2 scarabs at your left and right. An army of bandits in your front and at a tower above, you see a bunch of archers.

You have to clear them, fast, and a warrior is going to have a difficult time killing sniper enemies whether or not they have yeti health or regular health.

It should not be annoying, but you should die if not careful.

Along with my opinions on Cleric, I don’t really think we should go in the extreme and make potions not usable at all since people may want to carry rare HP potions (Say mushroom stew for an example) as an investment.

Though I want Clerics to play a bigger role, potions should not be totally useless, so I disagree for this sake.

However, the other points you’ve put out are excellent, they can allow for a difficult and interesting dungeon.

You’ll have to deal with things you can’t just solo yourself, you can’t AoE, DPS, and survive with your own abilities alone, and if you can, you should be bad at all three.

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Mob health/damage doesn’t scale with level (as far as we can tell) so I don’t see the issue with this.

That’s fair, yeah. Although enemies should have more health and damage than normal, maybe something like double guardian health and the same sort of damage?

How about this? Health regained from potions is halved (Mushroom Stew heals 50% max HP). Health gained from skills or other means is unaffected. This still makes potion usage at least partially viable, but makes having a Cleric much more helpful.

I do believe dungeons at the end-game stage should require a plethora of balanced parties. This will become more difficult to do with players you aren’t acquainted with due to the flexibility of the AP system which is being introduced eventually.