The Orbs Of Power

“many years ago a giant magic bomb hit the earth. out of this magic bomb three orbs of immense power entered the world, the orbs turned weak into strong and less into more”

I am bothered that the only way you can upgrade your gear are scrolls are in the game so I came up with an idea to fix it.

Introducing The Orbs Of Power

The orbs can upgrade your gear to give them and make them stronger, there are three orbs I will cover all of them

The orb of magic

This orb is located at the Tree of Life it can be accessed by doing a quest form the Mage Leader ( or if you are a mage, a subclass leader) it can be done in level 35 and will give good amounts of exp to a person.

Once the quest is over the orb will be in another area under the tree in the area. the surroundings will look very damaged due to its force.

The orb can upgrade a gear and boost its attack or defense, it can boost how many scrolls you can keep on a gear and can even prevent the gear from being destroyed. It will cost a fair amount to get all the upgrades

Teruls Orb

The method to obtain is simple you have to rebirth once then the orb can be obtained in Teruls which can be reached by talking to a NPC which will take you to his lair

Once there the orb will be right in front with Terul using his energy. The orb runs on teruls soul which can be purchased with rebirth tokens

Teruls orb can upgrade your attack and defense add more rarity like pristine and legend add more stats and add a new effect to your gear and any use by a orb makes it immune to being reset after a rebirth or a data wipe.

The Orb of Versa

You can obtain the orb by reaching the castle of angels which can be entered by talking to the paldian leader or the person who lets you rebirth. Once you enter you can find a large amount of angles who control the orb.

The orb can upgrade your attack and def and add a ton of stat points on to your gear, add new skills add a new attack depending on your subclass and any use by the orb makes the weapon immune to rebirths and data wipes

Item mutation

For some gear a lot of upgrades can cause the item to mutate and become stronger for example a ballista can turn into a trubuchet after 20 upgrades using any orb these tools can be 25 to 50% stronger the the original coppy of gear

Versa upgraded gear have a holy colour and have extra hp and can rez people inclding yourself after a lot of upgrades. Terul upgraded gear has a dark - red aura and can life - steal , deal extra damage and can be used as a boomerang after a lot of upgrades

pls excuse my bad spelling

so its the old magic orb, just split up


1.) An item can have 7 upgrade attempts at most.
2.) Imagine fighting the scarab or something and then seeing a ranger pull up with a trebuchet and start launching arrows.


Hopefully it is accepted into the game

each upgrade will only be as effective as a ancient half of the time.
most of the upgrades will upgrade the skill / ability or the stat not the attack of defence of a gear

And due to the new update boss fight loot will be spread fairly

This actually kinda seems pretty neat.

To those who say this will break the game, firstly there will always be no-lifers who have the best stuff from an update within hours, sometimes even minutes. Where there is light, there must always be darkness. As stated by the flavor text of the Holy Scroll, “The greatest light cannot exist without the greatest shadow.” A phrase that remains true.

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Bumps are kewl (maybe not…)

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Bumps are cool, necrobumps are not.

This is not a necrobump, this is still a relevant feature - particularly with the return of the old Alpha scrolling system.


Spelling excused.

I like every thing you just said

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there are no rebirth tokens

Rebirthing was scrapped, yes, but this post was made before it was scrapped, while it was still on the table.

I mean you kinda just defeated yourself by proving it was a necrobump.

It is not a necrobump, this is a good feature and still relevant. (ish)

This post is not relevent cause Rebirts got scrapeed so someone can shut it down

Requested by OP.