The Option Of Paying 1,000 Robux!?!

I know that in the past, I was against the idea of Vesteria having a price of 1,000 robux to play, and my ideals still haven’t changed.
But, I do think that spending 1,000 robux on the game would be something that most people would do.
Here’s what I am thinking. You can set the price at 800, and create a gamepass for those early testers to buy, that way the item that early purchasers get would only be accepted for those who really thought the game was worth 1,000 robux.
The gamepass, obviously, should eb worth 200 robux.
I’ll leave it up to you guys to come up with ideas for what the gamepass should be for!
Have fun thinking! and don’t forget to like the Ideas that you support the most!

PA is already set to be 800 robux now.

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I know that.

Okay just wasn’t directly stated. Here’s my analysis, by the tone of the statement it made me believe that you didn’t know that it was already planned to be 800 robux therefore I had made that statement and now I apologize for making that stupid assumption.

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In case you didn’t know, he posted it in meh topic first.:rofl:
Here; 100% Why The Game Shouldn’t Be 1k Robux !Confirmed!

:thinking: I remember viewing that post I believe, I feel as though I can’t remember anything at times.

Anyway as for the idea of the PA. As more content is released they can decide to raise or lower the price overall. EXAMPLE: Update something something it did a cool thing with a lotta content price -> 1k+ or vice versa

this is dumb and beyond useless
the price is set at 800 robux and it will stay that way and I see NO point in a gamepass that is literally a donation of 200 robux.
this isn’t dedication, this is a waste of 200 robux for no reward.
the reason why people were fine with paying 1k robux is because they got to play the game, not because they got some free in-game loot.

I myself was fine with paying 1k robux because I got to play a high-quality game and got to support the game, I didn’t want to pay 1k but I was gonna do it anyways.
this gamepass would make the devs look greedy since they are asking 800 robux for the game + the benefits of playing the game for a 200 robux gamepass

I mentioned this, then you replied with;

Did I ever say anything about a donation? No, I didn’t, I was leaving it up to you guys to come up with ideas on what the gamepass should be for, I didn’t ask for a donation. Please read next time. My Idea was that the gamepass would be an additional mount or a special weapon aura or something. In my eyes, that isn’t useless.
Secondly, degrading someone’s idea, calling it “dumb” is not proper criticizing, no idea is dumb, we are just thinking here. So for that, I am gonna flag your post as “Inappropriate” for your use of language.
According to the community guidelines;
“Be respectful of the topics and the people discussing them, even if you disagree with some of what is being said.”
Please read the community guidelines here;

and let’s just forget the rest of the feedback I gave
every time you see criticism you just start screaming and try to be as defensive as possible
you do realise I ALSO have an opinion and my opinion is that I think your idea is bad.
you say how I don’t read your posts until the end but yet you fail to do the same exact thing.
you need to bit a bit more open-minded and while, sure, my criticism isn’t the best its still criticism and the way you react to it isn’t right.
and excuse me, how was that post inappropriate? I didn’t swear or call YOU dumb (i called your idea dumb, sorry if it hurt your feelings).
best part is that you said

yet you failed to respect ME and MY opinion and while you base your actions on facts and rules (which i can appreciate) you can’t tolerate any sort of criticism and are highly hypocritic

How would it make the devs look greedy if buying the gamepass is an option? Plus, you don’t need the gamepass to play the game at all, so greed has nothing to do with it.

If this is the case, then why do you think the idea is “dumb”? If you were going to do it anyways then why are you so against the idea of the option to pay 1k robux?

For your information, I read the entire post, I just chose not to respond because I knew and understood what you meant.

once AGAIN failing to read MY part of the story and taking things out of context

You realize that that statement still contradicts what you said in your previous reply. I did read it, I just didn’t repeat myself in the same post.

and you know whats funny? if you were just a simple guy and just told me that i didn’t read the whole thing or said that i need to look more carefully I would have read the thing and might have changed my opinion since some thing that you say do have valid points ,but you just had to go and talk about how you are right and how I am wrong + flagged my post which is unnecessary and once again proves you being unable to take criticism

Oh, and about that “dumb” thing. I never said it was directed towards me. If you had read the full post, I posted the community guidelines statung

I am not the one failing to read. Just because I don’t reply to every little thing you said, doesn’t mean I didn’t read the entire thing.

I didn’t wish to spend the cash to play the game but my will to support the devs and enjoy the game was greater than the desire to save cash

I never said anything about being right or wrong about the topic at hand, I just disagreed with the way you replied, which went against the community guidelines.

Yet again, you didn’t look back when I said;

Its up to you to decide to spent 1k or not. Thus the title. The Option of Paying 1,000 Robux!?!