The Official TheOfficialSin Breakup Club

This is a warning. @TheOfficialSin is a player, cheating on people left and right. I dated him for a DAY. Sad. Here are some moments we had together:

:broken_heart: I later found out he was cheating on me with @Bean602, leaving me in tears. Watch out, that man is EVIL! Keep those Zaps ready y’all.

THIS JUST IN: Sin is EXCLUDING ME from his love. Bean, watch out.

Those pictures are clearly photoshop

See! He’s LYING to protect himself. Dagger Throws are ready, he’s easy in PvP just stall him out of mana pots. Don’t fall for his charm. smh. :disappointed:

Explain this


huh?? nice photoshop

oh so now you claim photoshop you nerd

umm… this is the original post… Sin don’t do this to me :sob:

Man, I thought you guys had something. ;(

@TheOfficialSin what have you done to whale

I did nothing. He did this to himself.

I’m just gonna sit in the corner and uh… observe…

REPORTED for online dating


ga1111y lol

Report for swearing.

even more wait i can get banned?

!ban @Zeus

Alright sir, you have been banned from the forums



he just said the “g” word xD!!