The new update is out definitely not fake

new update is here

its a joke if you guys didnt know :slight_smile:

fpvm1etUTeGsTM78ra5ViQ soon as I saw this, seemed like a joke. Okay enough of that bad joke, we already learned from Meta not to trust his images, so yeah.

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if we do this enough times, people will think someone actually telling everyone that the update is out is lying

Yup as soon as we see the official post from Berezaa, we’ll automatically vandalize the post and claim the update is false. that’s a joke anyways.

the 99999B+ $R in the corner isn’t a giveaway at all…

No, just I need Ber to actually help us, I know this is a joke. BUT IT CAN’T BE A DANG JOKE ANYMORE!

@Meta get over here, you just got roasted.

I saw.

dang feels bad.

Hmmm, you have some questionable robux amount…

Ikr lol

Please don’t make pointless spam topics like this