The New Subclass Plan - Warriors

In case you haven’t seen the first installment of my “The New Subclass Plan” series, here it is right here.

This is undergoing revision and edits currently.

This post is specifically for the Warrior path. Mages will be put in the third and final post of the series.

Level 20

  • Knight - Guarding Stance - Toggled ability. In this stance, you can move, but you cannot attack. While you are in this stance, nigh-every physical attack to your front will be blocked.
    • VIT -
    • INT - This will also block magic attacks.
  • Berserker -
    • INT
    • STR
  • Paladin - Shoulder Bash (Ram an enemy with your shoulder, dealing damage and knocking them backwards).
    • STR - Hitting an enemy will knock them farther back and ragdoll them as well.
    • VIT -

Level 30

  • Knight - Inspire

  • Berserker - War Cry

  • Paladin - Prayer of Comfort (PLEASE BUFF)

Level 40 (Warrior Ability Variants)

  • Knight -

  • Berserker -

  • Paladin - Rebuke

Ultimate (Hat)

  • Knight (Helm of the Bulwark): You become Resilient (you cannot be ragdolled, you take less knockback, etc) but you are slower and can’t jump as high.

  • Berserker (Horns of the Bane): Your attacks will do more damage the less health you have, capping at 20% HP.

  • Paladin (Crown of the Blessed):

Ultimate Abilities (Gained from Armor):

  • Knight -

  • Berserker - Bladespin (Spin around with your blades with immense speed, dealing immense damage and spinning for a long duration).

  • Paladin - Vesra’s Grace (Create a holy field around you. While allies are within this field, they will be immortal as their health can never fall below 10%).

Ultimate (Boots)

  • Knight - +4 Stamina, +5 Defence, +150 Max HP

  • Berserker - +5 Stamina, +3 Defence, +8 STR

  • Paladin - +4 Stamina, +3 Defence, +5 MP Regen

Weapon & Offhand Option (Unlocked After Completing Level 30 Quest)

  • Knight - Sword and Shield

  • Berserker - Dual Wielding

  • Paladin - Heavy Weapon & Amulet

And, as always, @berezaa, do let me know what you think about my ideas and whether you are thinking about adding some of my suggestions. I’d love to see how you like my feedback.

Also please disregard the Stamina and Defence values on the boots, the only thing you need to worry about is the last stat.

Paladins are getting amulets

Amulets will be useable by all classes just don’t expect a berserker or knight to use amulets because they’ll have to sacrifice what makes them special .

I know, but there might be a paladin exclusive kind of thing though

Amulets as offhands? Alright, I’ll add that in.

This actually sounds kinda cool, nice!

:+1: Thanks

no ranged abilities for berserker, berserker isn’t supposed to have ranged abilities, but the rest is nice.

Finalist, are you in my guild?
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i’m not, im in sleepy

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No thanks.

Wuz About SQ Crown?

like you’ll give me one if I join?

No, ;.;

okay thats fine, lets get back on topic!

tbh I think there should be a super difficult quest for an ultimate scroll, (applies to armor), maybe something like 1k colo kills for berserker, 1m damage survived for knight, 100 prayer uses for paladin, and for all, defeating Tal-rey in Tal-rey’s tomb

100 prayer uses is not impressive. I am making a Paladin save right now (this will take FOREVER to lvl up, gonna use exclusively Shroompoc from lvls 10-21), max Rebuke (for kicks and giggles, not to troll) and max Prayer b/c healing

1M damage for a Knight is nothing. Just use subs + Taunt + Inspire and you’re all set.

I know because I have 4096 HP on my knight why did I do that? because im a maniac

Only 4096? How much VIT do you have?

Also, I had a Knight save that I rebirthed, I think I might make it a Paladin (max Rebuke, max Prayer, full Ancient STR Fierce Mushroom Sword) just for kicks.

Also, imagine this: full VIT Knight, Vibrant Azariah’s Edge, Vibrant Bronze Armor. Uber-VIT, ridiculous HP.