The New Mob Spawning Problem

This new mob spawning system was not thought out very well in my opinion.

After the new update, as the optimist that I am, I was excited to go farm to reach level 45. The first server that I go in, without blocking anyone, was empty. I was confused but still i reached the cage and guess what? only 2 bats. This cant be happening to me only. Because the player count is not that high at this time, lots of the servers will not have any mobs spawning. This is a major problem and the spawning either needs to be reverted, or at least be put after the free release, as lots of new Vesterian will be playing it in it’s free state. Farming is just not achievable anymore…

Please Berezaa, I really want to play this, but I just cannot…

It should be something related to how many people are in that map (across all servers) imo

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I mean, I think my idea for this is pretty good. It fixes most problems and shouldn’t be too insanely hard to implement.