The NEON Chicken Dance Party Club at Nilgarf

The NEON Chicken would be a new building in Nilgarf that would only be available every 6 hours; and goes on until an hour after.

It’s use would basically be a dance party (From using the emotes of course) ; and sell certain pots that have a pro and con to drinking them.

The party would have a dance floor, a stereo with remixed vesteria music, and have neon lights around. (The player would be able to change the music volume via settings) The second floor would have a glass roof with tables and chairs; including the bar. There would be npcs inside the club as well, dancing or sitting down.

It’s entrance from nilgarf would have a chicken picture above the building and some lights hanging.

Here are some examples of the drinks that could be bought from the bartender:
Grape Juice: -1 INT +2 STR 400C
Orange Juice: -1 STR +2 DEX 400C
Apple Juice: -1 DEX +3 VIT 400C
(Feel free to add some others)

After the hour, everyone inside will get a message saying “The party’s ended! Hope to see you again!”

i think thats too expensive because like the stat potions cost 2.5s (+4 on specific stat) and these prices are like higher and give you debuffs

maybe prices should be around 400b due to the downsides


ohh your right let me change that

There needs to be a mob boss npc in this builder

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I want this in cause of the apple juice
I need more vit
all the vit

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Ooh can we eat roasted chickens??

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