The mushcoin guardian core exchange (Buying cores)

ill buy a stack of cores (99 cores) for 250s (Tax included, you’ll receive 175 silver)

Remember that guardian cores sell for 1s each, and level 45 will be of great help to you for grinding.

only in stacks or not worth

If you are buying guardian cores with tax, its the same thing as buying something and adding more mushcoin for tax, its the same thing, might as well farm yourself or just add extra money when buying something

i dont lose guardian cores and im too lazy to grind for cores

i dont like having so much money on me so i feel unsafe around things that may potentially kill me

especially in dunes, ill use these cores to trade and get tons of mushpoc golden mushrooms to one day end up with tons of cash in store that cant be lost

Ill sell 8 Stacks


Yeah, When I get home i’ll gladly farm for ya, free of charge if ya want. How many stacks you looking for?

I thought items don’t get taxed

actually im not looking for cores at the moment, ill bump this again if i do

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I got a couple stacks I can sell.