The most important poll that u have ever voted for btw mage sux lollllll

  • hunter is master race
  • mage is okay race
  • warrior master race

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lol mage stinky like poo poo also hunter master race warrior is master race mage r just peseant lol why do people use mage? for mage lovers. hunter and warrior master race and mage r peasant race

I playing as a hunter with max dex right now

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rly the votes are all the same but he gets 1 extra %


this is not rigged its completly fare

Hunter = okay
Warrior = OP pls nerf
Mage = make better pls

lol people main mage ??!??!?

Just started a new slot, as mage. Willing to see how it goes!

better poll:

  • Mage Master Race!
  • Warrior sux!
  • Hunter meh!
  • You lose Kev.

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  • mage sucks
  • warrior and hunter master race
  • bean602 is peasant mage

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no u…

all the options on the post 2 replies above are incorrect.

this is not biased opinion mage sucks

please click on link here

ok, this is epic

  • mage master race
  • warrior master race
  • hunter master race
  • mage ok race
  • warrior ok race
  • hunter ok race
  • mage bad race
  • hunter bad race
  • warrior bad race

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The last post by Nofearon above this is a lie