The most hate able people in Vesteria

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Smh, whos that weirdo on the right?

Oml theyre all rangers, how despicable.

i’d love to throw them into a scorpion pit any day

i hope they all live in areas where death penalty is still allowed

You forgot this too

comments are gonna go up to like this level:

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Aviator Gang

Ranger master race

All these people are stinky especially the one on the left.

these guys are perfectly fine

totally was not threatened to say that


Is anything wrong with them… besides being a ranger, aviators, ranging gear, and being being alive?

Made be a non knight warrior!

Everyone gangsta till the sorcerer pulls up with 2 nukes and an adventurer ability able to destroy rangers.

why am I not hated? :sob:

Atleast the rangers look cool…

Don’t judge me I’m just a knight… with some snazzy aviators
Noobs :wink: