The monster info book!

As most people know, the monster book was added into the game, then replaced by the bounty book because people complained it was too grindy or based too much on rng. Then bounty book got removed because people complained that it added too much money into the game. Now people are complaining because they can’t access monster information. So I have a solution! Just make a monster book that ONLY shows the monster’s drops, hp, etc. Like an actual book! This won’t raise any problems (I hope) since its just information about the mobs. You kill a new mob and a new monster is added to your book!

  • Yeah this is a good idea!
  • No, this isn’t that good of an idea

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honestly i never used the bounty book/monster book for grinding money, i just use it to look at hp and drop chances, which i think is highly inaccurate…(i got 3 weapons back to back to back sqr, and weapons are 0.25 percent according to monster book sooo…)


We will be returning the Bounty Book through the Bounty Hunter gamepass, which will go on-sale at a price TBD between R$400-1,000. The monster information will not be available at all without the pass.

This was a bit of an internal compromise on my end, as I really disliked the Bounty Book being a core function of the game (i felt like it was adding too much noise, especially early game) and was already convinced to just completely remove it forever. Until I thought about making it a gamepass.

The Bounty Book being in the hands of some players coupled with the public’s desire to know more about mobs (as evidenced by this point) will nearly ensure that the wiki will be maintained with this information.

I know that the immediate thought for some might be that this is encroaching into P2W territory, and it’s absolutely not an incorrect judgement to make that someone with this gamepass will have an advantage over someone who doesn’t. But this is likely the most ethical type of gamepass monetization that we can do that would also be effective. The limited amount of bounties makes this pass less impactful to late game players and the implementation of the book makes this way more interesting than the generic “2X money” gamepass other RPGs sell.

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Does the bounty book gamepass just give the player the access to the bounty book(the most recent one), and if a gamepass does get released, do the bounties get reset from before?

Please don’t make the price on it at the upper end of that estimate :pray:

@Anthonychi why tho?

I don’t care about the loot I just want information I can easily pull up while in game without having to open a new tab, could you maybe give all alpha players the info it doesn’t give them any real advantage other then a easier way to know a monster hp and drops plus I as a alpha player and I believe the other alpha players put a lot of trust in spending that much money for a game in alpha state… I just want to see there loot hp and xp is that to much to ask?

because the wiki :flushed:

ur the only one that said no in the poll :flushed:

Just make your own bounty book with paper or something. ;-;

Wait that’s actually a good idea. Might do that

It’s more convenient if it’s ingame though.

I memorized everything already in the bounty book

u can test me if u want

That’s not the point :neutral_face:. Yes, you may have memorized it but others have not, including me. And people may agree with me that memorizing every mob’s stats in the game is pointless, because of the updates increasing the amount of mobs and because the wiki exists.

I agree, but tbh, mob stats dont really help, since it only shows hp… i rarely used it, but it came in handy… the only stats it shows is hp, and my philosophy is if something is higher level than you dont fight it

Good idea but my craftmens skills are not good enough for me to be sadiffied with a bunch of paper sitting next to me while I play