The meta, and how it can be improved

Overtime, as being an alpha member and having played the game for a few months now, having gotten back into it recently and grinded into becoming a knight in about a week and half, I’ve noticed some very annoying, and quite unsustainable subclasses, and the current meta of the game.

Ever since I’ve returned to playing Vesteria actively and getting involved in community discussions and hearing about potential updates, I’ve heard nothing about the current meta and the underlooked and underloved classes. Although it may not be intentional, unless you are a Ranger, Sorcerer / Warlock / Cleric, or a Berserker / Paladin, you in comparison to these 7 classes will most likely, and most definitely have much less of an easy time when it comes to grinding, gaining levels, and getting loot drops / items, and have a much easier time dying. Due to the massive AOE damage from Ranger’s arrow call, along with the general usefulness of the Webbed Staff’s passive pools of poison, farming as either the Ranger or basically any mage class with a few scrolls on the Webbed Staff and pressing the key for magic bomb gets you massive amounts of damage. Same when it comes to the Paladin’s AOE attack and the Beserker’s spin, such classes like Trickster, Knight, and Assassin are completely underpowered, along with a bit of Warlock just because it’s moves are arguably underpowered and frankly suck in comparison to Flare and Frostcall from Sorcerer and Cleric.

In order to balance out these classes, many small changes and nerfs could be added, such as buffing a knight’s moves to give it some type of AoE damage and not just a taunt and shield charge in a simple direction, which is basically just moving your character forwards instead of a roll.
For a Warlock, buff their moves or abilities certain amounts, and nerf the passive of the Webbed staff to maybe allow other mage classes that aren’t Sorcerer to use a Tiki Staff and not a Webbed.
For Ranger, nerf their AoE Arrow Rain that allows for them to sit back and look at the numbers, exp, and drops rack up, all while they take no damage, and their arrow rain’s hitbox extends into the heavens.
Places like the sewers, which is a high-level grinding and farming place is disportionately more easy for classes like Mages, and the Ranger , Berserker, and Paladin specifically.
Giving other classes AoE moves, or changing the way mobs are either farmed passively, or resource - intensively, can even out the playing field for classes that cannot put up a fair fight in comparison.
(Mages and Rangers being able to sit back and say, throw down a few AoE moves and passives to rack up massive amounts of easy EXP while being safe and only chugging a few potions ever so often, in comparison to just Knights and Assassins spamming HP and MP abilities and consumables to survive the same onslaught.)

All of this may not be possible, but just thinking about the current AoE meta for a few specific classes and weapons , and giving them a few nerfs or buffs, may help improve the hours upon hours of grinding people do with different classes.

Thank god this guy gets it.


As a knight I experience it first hand. :[

Warlocks are also weak, needs buffing as well along with trickster, knight, and asssassin

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Buff and Rework Tricksters