The maximum amount of STR calculated

Actually, it’s 256 str

what did I miss?

Ancient strengths vary from 1-3 and great headgear scrolls give +2 to helm of ancient order. Ancients and fierce edges would bring it to 66 str (12 str each sword and 21 strength points from each ancient). For the helm, you added 3 strength points instead of 6.

yep 256 srry missed that

wait, no it’s 261 str, finalized

Essence cant stack i dont think, and MMar_io made a post with a theoretical max cap for each of the stats for all different classes; max str for warrior:

max str for hunter:

i edited my post, forgot that bronze armor can be dropped, and got rid of the stacking spider essence.

Hold on a sec, I think you have something wrong here.

144 STR from stats alone
Moglo Mask w/ full Great scrolls (+36 STR)
Fierce Dunes Bow (+12 STR)

  • full on Ancient STR scrolls (+21 STR)

Fierce Moko Dagger (+10 STR), because there are no droppable Dunes daggers

  • full on Ancient STR scrolls (+21 STR)

Fierce Ratty Vest (+3 STR plus mod, I’m not sure if it’s different b/c high lvl ish armor)
Strength Potion (+4 STR)
Flagon of Red Potion (+1 STR)
Spider’s Essence (+1 STR)

144+36+12+21+10+21+3+[lvl 24 armor modifier]+4+1+1 = 253 + [lvl 24 armor modifier]

i wouldn’t count pots cuz they don’t last forever. but imagine this on a berserker. too op. also it would be 2 fierce moko clubs with full ancient str, and yeah, kinda op. o wait nvm 2 fierce azariah edge with full ancient str, but yea. uh, don’t do this tho, everybody will hate you for it cuz ur too op. so i don’t recommend this. but that is a ton of str(the hunter one) and thx for calculating this

Hunters can have higher STR b/c armor.

sir, missed a couple of things. Moglo mask with great scrolls is actually… 48. 144+48=192
Then all the things you said, 192+10=202, 202+21=223, 223+12=235, 235+21=256, 256+8=264, 264+4+1=269. So, 269, and warriors can have more str than a hunter.

oops, nevermind, hunters can have more str, just by a little, but their other stats will be down by 10 (I think).

Great scrolls give 2 each
Moglo Mask w/ all 3 great scrolls (headgears only have 3 slots remember) gives
+36 STR
-16 INT
-16 VIT
-16 DEX

no, try it out on a mask, it ends up as 48.

its +48 and -10 for other stats

Did Moglo Mask get buffed? Last time I checked it gave +30 STR base, +2 per scroll, 3 slots.

i believe meta calculated this wrong. it should be 36 str and -10 on each. i don’t think it got buffed. i haven’t played much after maxing all my saves but my warlock. warlock not very fun for me. so mabe it got buff. not sure, but i rlly don’t think it did


how get plus 18

the negative numbers add onto the positive