The maximum amount of STR calculated

so, have you ever wondered what is the absolute máximum a stat can get to?
so, first off.
you need to put EVERY, SINGLE, STAT POINT, into STR, up until you reach max lvl.
that would equal a total of 144 STR,
second, helm of a ancient order.
that gives a total of 28 extra STR, putting the total (for now) to 172 STR
then, there are the fierce variants.
for now, the máximum str there can be in a fierce variant is 12 str with the lvl 45 weapons.
so, say you are using 2 fierce azariah’s edges as a berserker.
that would equal a extra 24 STR, which would equal our total to 196 STR,
oh, and lets not forget about the ancient scroll for weapon STR (yes, that exists).
the maximum amount of STR a ancient STR scroll can put into a weapon is 3
and since azariah’s edge has 4 slots, it should add a extra 24 STR (12 for each fierce azariah’s edge),
bringing our total to 220 STR.
but it still dosent end there.
theres also the STR potion which adds 4 STR making it now 224 STR, and then theres the flagon of red potion which adds 1 STR, bringing our total tooooooooooooooooooooooooo……


225 STR!

thats the absolute maximum a player can reach in STR.

edit: oh and theres also the essences which according to @MegaCactus, can stack TWICE, which would equal a extra 2 STR which would bring our new total to…………

(more drumrolls)

227 STR!

why dont you put the scrolls on sun blade which has a +10 str
edit: nvm


Moglo mask would work better, as it has 30 str. This would bring it to 174.

This works with a fierce Ballista and uhhhh theres no dagger drop
well warrior is better then

putting the scrolls in sun blade would equal 22 str

Max is 227 + however much you can stack spider Essence

so, lets do the math for a hunter.
144 + 30 = 174
fully ancient STR-ing a terul dagger AND a ballista would equal 15 STR for the dagger and 12 STR for the ballista.
15 + 12 = 27
174 + 27 = 201
oh, and theres the flaggon and STR potion which, conbined, have a total of 5 STR.
201 + 5 =……
206 STR!
so that makes a maximum berserker STR build better than a maximum hunter STR build

it stacks?

did u read this part lmao i stopped half way cuz i realized no dagger drop LOL

yeah, i did read it.
i just did the math for a hunter max STR build.

What about gladiator vest? Also a hunter build would be a bit better due to having fierce ratty vest.

moglo mask, fierce ratty, fierce moko dagger, fierce ballista

moglo mask = 30 STR
fierce ratty vest = 8 STR
fierce moko dagger = 10 STR
fierce ballista = 12 STR
30 + 8 + 10 + 12 = 60 STR
144 + 60 = 204 STR
combine that with the STR potion and the flaggon and that equals…

209 STR!

  • 24 from the ancient str

ancient str maxing the moko dagger AND the ballista equals…

233 STR!!!

235 adding the double essence stack
or 234 if it doesn’t stack

oh now its +42 str from ancients

This man gotta go through so much math once again.

i tried my best ok?

moko dagger could become fierce :flushed:

Bruh I didn’t even know you could have this much str, keep it up lol.