The main reason why mage is underpowered (in terms of stats)

So there’s an issue surrounding how the mage specs off of intelligence. Let’s take a look at hunter and warrior for example - their basic attacks both spec off of strength and so do their skills (as far as i’m aware - hunter might use dex but that’s still good because you have crit chance). With warriors, since their main stat focus is strength, they have to build it up to deal damage - but since it also increases defense, they get ridiculously high defense compared to mages.
Now let’s look at how mages handle stats - their basic attack still scales with strength for some reason, even though their skills scale with intelligence - so you’re sort of at a crossroads. Balanced strength/int makes it so both your basic attack AND skills are at subpar damage - imagine a 40 intelligence/40 strength mage trying to compete with a warrior who’s focused into 80 strength comfortably. Now let’s see what happens if you went with full intelligence - so your basic attack suffers heavily and it’s pretty much useless compared to your skills, and your skills are roughly equal to that of the warriors if you had 80 int and he had 80 strength. Except you have HUGELY inferior defense to him. I think that the way damage is handled and how strength gives you defense should be changed - as well as making the mage’s basic attack scale with intelligence.

I’ll be adjusted how defense is calculated to split and respect physical/magical/ranged damage. We’ll look into skills to make sure they’re up to par with the rest.

I also think crit is slightly crazy, I’m thinking about potentially reducing it from doubling damage to a 50% increase.


Alright, what about mage’s basic attack scaling off intelligence though? Seems the logical way to go about it

Yeah I talked about how the Strength stat and Defense is pretty broken in this topic.

Yea true, thing is i have a mage who i put 15 strength on as an adventurer before i knew how classes worked - and that’s sort of wasted in my eyes. Too bad there’s no way to take those points back or even free up the char slot .-.

Yeah I wish there was a way to respec skill and stat points