The League of Magic Tournament (Mage tournament)

The League of Magic Tournament

This tournament is hosted to find who is truly the most greatest mage of Vesteria in terms of PVP. Mages will fight eachother in a well balanced environment, and they’ll be able to put their skills to the test. All mages will be allowed, including mages that are not in the League of Magic.

It will be 3 rounds each 1v1, all competitors will be set to level 50 in the testing realm so it won’t matter if you’re a new mage, and you may choose any stats, skills, weapons (must be clean), and armor (also must be clean).

Before battle, stats, skills, armor, and weapon choice may be adjusted in the testing realm. It will be completely fair for both since enchants will not be allowed and both parties may have the same armor and weapon. Only difference will be subclass, and you may choose which subclass you’d like to use (Main preferred)

There will be no entry fee, the reward will be smaller than tournaments that do have entry fee. This can be 4 stacks of guardian cores, 4 wayfarer tickets, or 2 ancient and cursed atks of your choice.


  1. Stepping outside of the boundaries will make you lose one out of three rounds by default.

  2. Any kind of buffs outside of abilties are not allowed.

  3. Outside help is not allowed

  4. Any MP consumable may be used, but you may only use orange potions (300 hp) if you’d like to carry HP consumables

  5. As a disclaimer, ALL abilities are allowed, including cleric heal and adventurer regen.

  6. All weapons and armor used must be clean

  7. If you are playing Sorcerer, your Meteor Strike must be set to Level 3 or lower.

Testing Realm arena

2:00 PM PST, 21st of December 2019 Saturday

If you’d like to join, request tournament role at #role-request in the awaiting role category after joining our League of Magic Discord server. Joining the guild is not necessary.


Oh man so many tournaments. Might join even tho I have close to no PvP experience with mage

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Don’t make Vindicates mistakes.

other than that, good luck on the tournament.

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if you win as a non-mage main, it’ll shock the world

My saturdays are just tournaments cause they are all held on saturday

its the best day

i know

Rescheduling to December 21st, Satuday 2 PM PST instead of the 14th


2 days left before this tournament. Remember to join the discord for extra info and also notifications to get in.

Along with that, level 30+ only because I’ve realized that you probably can’t enter the testing realm as a slot that hasn’t surpassed level 30.

You may bring any slot, just make it a mage afterwards.

tomorrow! : 2019-12-21T05:00:00Z

Meteor strike is now restricted to level 3

New rule, Rule 7 added to the forum post