The League of Magic [Mage Guild]

The League of Magic

logo credit: TheN00bDeveloper

The League of Magic is a guild for all mages, be it a Cleric, Sorcerer, Warlock, or even just a mage without a subclass yet. In this guild, we will host honorable 1v1s (No HP/MP consumables), SQR runs, and other events that may come to play.

Being a mage main is required as all events will be participated as a mage, and you’ll have the title “The League of Magic” under your name at all times. There is no application, all it takes is your given Roblox Username and your mage level.


In order to join the guild, you must have at least one level 30+ mage slot . Mages that are lower than this level 30 requirement are still allowed to join, but will not be proceeded into the guild until they reach the level 30 requirement. New mages may request help such as tips and even old items that higher leveled mages may have left over. Visitors are allowed, and may receive mage help even if they don’t wish to join the guild.


Our guild ranks in order of power:

  • Mage: Loyal guild members of the League of Magic
  • Mage Officer: Co-leaders of the League of Magic
  • Mage General: Leaders of the League of Magic
  • The Headmaster: The Founder and Owner of the League of Magic
Server Staff
  • Anthonychi (The Headmaster)
  • Vesterian_Mage (Mage General)
  • Iron_Creeper07 (Mage General)
  • megukoo (Mage Officer)
  • DinoSaidROAR (Mage Officer)

Our Discord Invite: