The hunter who rests in the webs

My hunter to this day has never left the spider queen dungeon made back in the alpha days. I kinda just never played Him since. But I plan for him to rest in the webs of the alpha days.

(sorry for the bad quality.)

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Yeah, only a few people are left there
You and @Bean602 are all I know of

Bean? never heard of em.

Lol nice

Ah I see, a leader rank. Interesting. You still have an account in SQ’s old dungeon from the alpha days?

Mhm, I have an old thread about it somewhere, too lazy to go in and get a picture lol

Coolio. My hunter also is lv22 and wields the spider queen bow, along with having stacks of 99 potions. I also have a unopened alpha gift in my bank. Lots of random stuff I just laid to rest so I could unearth them in the future. Maybe I sell the unopened gift? Who knows.

Pretty sure an alpha gift Soulbound, but if not, OFFERING 10g FOR ALPHA GIFT (probably not enough but its all I have)

Wait what?