The Hunter Daggers are Broken

The Hunter Daggers are Broken u can’t attack with them even when pressing up against the enemy

im also getting this. im probably going to pass on week 16 because of this scary bug

I also can’t equit any weapons at all except the ones I got from drops

Hunter is basically broken now, please fix; I want to play.

I agree please fix

Thank you for reporting this. I’m looking into it

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Hunter dagger works for me in the testing environment… could you please press F9 and look for any errors?

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I can’t equipt my armor even though it is right level am I not allowed to equipt warrior armor if im hunter?

this update is full of bugs for hunter, i recommend just creating a new class or something for this update

Are you trying to equip the level 10 warrior only armor?

daggers are fixed and yes I am trying to equipt lvl 10 warrior armor and I am lvl 11 but it wont let me

oh so warrior only
waste of 8k
time to farm mushrooms

random damage glitch is a thing again though

There’s a reason its in the Warrior Stronghold lmao

cuz u used to be able to equipt whatever

That was before level 10, when you didn’t have a class/faction. I’m pretty sure everything above level 10 is class/faction restricted now.

If you looked when buying it, It showed that only warrior could use the armor as that was the only symbol that was lit up.

can none warriors use mace?

If anything on an item is red when you mouse over, that means you can’t equip it.


thanks you and berezaa please fix the random damage and daggers not working on elders or spiders it makes the game unplayable