The History of Guilds and PoTM [TL;DR]

The First Wave
Nov. 18th marks the first wave of guilds entering Vesteria. S.I.L.E.N.T. may have kicked it over, but Greyvale and Sinister Knights drove the ball home, bringing along PoTM and Serenity and even a few smaller guilds that didn’t get a good chance, Evolution, Ardent Raiders, Eclipse, Finality and Saeculum Clan.

The Second Wave
Along the way, a few guilds popped up out of bounds of the first generation. I’ll take a moment to list off some of those who marked the second generation. Here is to Servants of Varakros, The Seven Sins, The Wanderers, Bringers of Lyris, The Vesterian Explorers and A Taste of TIme.

The Third Wave
This is the third time in Vesterian history that a wave of guilds will sweep the forum. These are the new generations of players, so let’s give them a proper welcome to the guild community. Let’s hear it for: Kingdom of Vesteria, Diablo’s Mages, Sickle Mode, and Hollowfall.

Thank You
Thank you to all the guild leaders, new and old. With your creativity, confidence and leadership skills, you guys have made the guild community what it is.

Our Community Today
The community we have today are founded on the loses and triumphs of the guilds that came before us. Today, guilds go on strong with the human companionship and friendship of fellow guild leaders. If not for PoTM, the guild community would not be as lifeful. From going to guild leaders pumping the life into the beating heart of a guild, to guilds flourishing on their own at birth. Thank you.

Our Community Then
What are we without our history? To every guild leader out there, I’d like you to read the next part of this, as a tribute to where your guild truly comes from. If not for these actions, could we be so sure things would be exactly the same?

Before we were a community, we had the conflicts that we had to resolve. It was the exhibition guild, S.I.L.E.N.T. that lead on a controversy that drove others to take sides, and although tore apart the community, it brought people together and eventually, both sides came to an understanding. This is the start of the formal guild community. This tiny problem drove home a collective of standards for how guilds treat eachother.

Later on, we had the Greyvale controversy. PoTM, a flourishing guild at the time, regarded as the most active had been requesting to be allied by Greyvale. Already having good relationships with other guilds, PoTM accepted and a dark seed with Sinister Knights would take root, which would lead to the shattering of allyship and end of Sinister Knights for good. I want to take a moment to thank Vex for his part in our history.

The small actions formed our community today. The slow erosion of simple rock can make a mountain that triumphs above the clouds. Society is formed by this erosion.

I’d now like to bring up Protectors of the Mushroom, the greatest contributor to our guild community. It is no understatement that PoTM has been at the forefront of most major events in the guild community. The SILENT War, the GV Allyship, the SK Scandal, the SV War. PoTM was there for it all.

PoTM was founded as a small guild on the idea that a few great people can come together to make a group that would rival any great guild. Founded by me, GeneralOmegus, Kenderos, and iiAriesy. These three people following a wave of inductions of veterans and respected members of the community into our guild, created and formed PoTM into the giant it is today.

PoTM has stood as a testament of time; as guilds died, PoTM stood and welcomed lost players into their guild to teach and to nurture members. PoTM is there to any player who needs assistance. It is our job, our obligations and our pleasure as veterans, moderators, leaders, and newbies of this community to help others. We have been there to help guilds flourish; our work with our members lead them to create their own guild, and we will be there even more to help this community, we love so much, grow.

Thank you to all the PoTM members who made this guild community possible. I’m sorry I couldn’t address you all.

Final thank you to the Third Generation. I love you all.


This community is great. We just got our third generation of guilds. PoTM helped build our guild community. Thank you to everyone and the third generation, especially.


I’m so tired right now and it’s only third hour at school.

The Vesterian Explorers were deleted

Too bad, your first guild is a part of Vesterian history!

A new guild is being created, its called “Hollowfall” (if you know anyone that can do a picture that would be great)

I did the banner for PoTM. Let me go add this guild to the list.

Wow that is crazy I’m glad I can be apart of History I really appreciate it!

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I’m a part of the third and second! Lessgo

why is sickle mode not mentioned?!?!

I can’t find it. I only listed guilds that were on the forums in some way

I think I’m late 2nd gen? I joined right after goblin update

Thank you for making this it is important to record history so people can look back at it.

Yes this is true, we must understand our history in order to not repeat past mistakes

That’s not always true. Some history is better left forgotten.

No matter how bad the history, it is better to be remembered as a example of what not to do.

I don’t want to go into detail on what history I refer to, but I stand by the belief that it’d be better not to remember it. Especially if all you can learn from it is hate.

The reason I say that remembering history is beneficial to the vesterian world is because:

  1. Remembering bad history will provide examples for what people should not do.

  2. When a person tries to make a move for power, he may remember history and decided it will end badly for everyone involved

  3. History is still history, take the holocaust(sorry if I misspell) for example, it’s a bad part of history but still should be remembered.

  4. We can honor those that took part and came out better and those that fell in that part of history.

Nevertheless, I am still a newcomer in the history of vesteria so I still have much to learn.

I meant more personal history, not world history.

Honorable Mention
Some more small guilds I didn’t mention in my post.

Ok that makes sense

The SILENT War wasn’t a war, and it didn’t involve your guild but involved members taking action and speaking. You were mainly involved but it doesn’t count the whole guild itself.