The History of Anti-Guild Spray

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The whole courtesy part of Anti-Guild Spray is that you add a kind message when you post it, you don’t typically just post the image (since that’s seen as spam and low-effort).


this isn’t low effort
im surprised he went this far into the history of Anti-guild spray and i’m extremely interested now

what an answerremoved thing to do

Yea I know, that’s why I’m being okay with it

Wayyy back after testing there was a guy called kevcrusher that made a bunch of god awful but funny posts (still here btw). He made a post on knivehunters memes that struck conversation, kevcrusher randomly said “I think guilds are poopoo”, which gave knive the idea for anti guild spray.

Its here if you want to see it: Knife hunter memes are covfefe

(btw knive explained all this in regular chat so if you get regular search around for it)


Interesting, so the idea came up on November 19, 2018, which would have been just after the November 18 mass guild creation, which makes me wonder if there’s a guild that I’m missing where the spray was posted before Bringers of Lyris (assuming that Anti-Guild Spray was created just after this post).

Great find!

you can use this but idk cause it is in vip lounge. Just be respectful lol

Ok, this is epic. Also nice research, it must have taken you a long time.

I don’t think that list has all the guilds, though
Is it a list of all the active ones?

There are inactive guilds on the list I used, but it’s clearly not up to date nor is does it have every guild on it. That’s why I’m requesting that if people have more guilds that are not on the spreadsheet to let me know so I can add them to it.

oh, well if you want dead ones too,
I used to have one shut down guild, and now I have Mythical, so…

Alright, do you have the guild forum post for them?

for mythical, yes.

Guild #60 on the spreadsheet:

but it only goes up to 59-

ok boomer

this is not low effort he literally counted how many times people had said a phrase

Updated the list with about 26 new guilds I found, and also updated the # of Anti-Guild Spray/user count.

Also, I just wanted to clarify a few things about what I put on my spreadsheet, column by column.

Guild: The name of the guild in question.

  • The newest version of the name is used if available, as well as the oldest guild post with said name.
  • If a guild is renamed and the guild spray is on one post but not the other, the same rule still applies and the guild is considered unsprayed (until the spray is used on the new post).
  • If a guild changes name but no post is made with the new name, the old name is used.
  • Only guilds which have a guild forum post dedicated to the guild are included.
  • Guilds with no specific name are not included.
  • Meme/joke guilds still count.

Original Post Time: The time at which the guild topic was created.

  • Some times may not be entirely accurate due to editing of the original post causing a different time to display. In cases where this is evident, the first reply is used as the time of the original post.
  • Once again, the oldest possible guild post is used, provided the guild name has not changed.

Spray Time: The time at which an Anti-Guild Spray was posted on the guild post.

  • Rules about using the oldest guild post still apply (specifically the second point in the Guilds section of this post).
  • Only images which are used for Anti-Guild Spray apply (simply saying “anti-guild spray” doesn’t count).
  • If a previously non Anti-Guild Spray post is edited to become an Anti-Guild Spray post, it still counts.
  • If the Anti-Guild Spray image breaks and doesn’t display on the page, it does not count.
  • If the Anti-Guild Spray image is deleted from the topic, it does not count.
  • If a guild post is closed before being sprayed, the phrase “(topic closed)” will appear next to the None indicator, indicating that the guild can not be sprayed even through a necrobump.

Time Before Spray: Amount of time between the original guild post being created and the Anti-Guild Spray image being posted.

Sprayer: Person who posted the Anti-Guild Spray.

  • The first person to post the Anti-Guild Spray on the guild post is the one who is listed.

Hopefully this helps clear some things up. Anyways, I think I’ve got most of the Guilds, but I am 100% sure that there are still some unlisted, closed guild posts or obscure guild posts that I don’t have. If you know any, please let me know so that I can continue adding to this.

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Huh, it never occurred to me how long it took for PoTM to be hit with the anti-guild spray.
Great post!

Gotta say though, all those old guilds bring back memories that I didn’t even know I had.

edit: just noticed the lack of Sickle Mode on the list
edit2: what time zone is the time?