The History of Anti-Guild Spray

Anti-Guild Spray is a common meme posted on most guild posts. Here is the typical image used for Anti-Guild Spray (although many variants do exist and are valid):

So now that every is caught up on the basic explanation of Anti-Guild Spray, let’s get into the history of it.

While finding an origin point for Anti-Guild Spray on the forums is difficult, the first use that I could personally find against a guild is on the “Bringers of Lyris” guild post, where it was posted by Knifehunter00 on January 20, 2019 at 11:30 PM. Although many guilds existed before this time, this seems to be the first guild to have been sprayed. Why this guild was chosen specifically is unknown, perhaps it was because it was simply the most recent guild at the time. Either way, it was used.

Then, it started to be used more frequently against pretty much every guild. Again, a specific post is hard to pin down, but well-wishes for the guild being sprayed became a tradition when posting the spray, and nowadays most sprays are accompanied with kind messages and advice for the guild being sprayed.

Here is a spreadsheet I created showing all of the guilds that I could locate, if they’ve been sprayed, when they were sprayed, and who did the spraying. (I am 100% missing some guilds, so if you can provide a link to any additional guild posts [sprayed or not] please do so I can add them to the spreadsheet)

Going over it, you can see that many people have used Anti-Guild Spray throughout the forum’s history.

Knifehunter00 has used Anti-Guild Spray 22 times
WaterWolfX has used Anti-Guild Spray 14 times
DeanNoobLeader has used Anti-Guild Spray 3 times
Cthoma23456, Ignisium and Fallen have used Anti-Guild Spray twice
DoctorPoppins, avoiided, LordBanana23, TrueMedian, altalyst, thechief, Atom, Dantex, Alecazam and Conquest have all used Anti-Guild Spray once

Furthermore, some of these Anti-Guild Spray replies were made less than 5 minutes, or even 1 minute after the Guild post was made.

Currently, The Wanderers is the oldest guild to have never been sprayed (after all, it is the oldest guild in general) but if it were to be sprayed today, it would be over a year before it was sprayed (of course, this would also mean that the person spraying would most likely be banned for necrobumping and the guild post, a part of history, would most likely be locked).

So how can you use Anti-Guild Spray without being annoying? Follow these guildelines and you’ll be fine:

  1. Only use Anti-Guild Spray on a relatively new guild.
  2. Only use Anti-Guild Spray if it has not already been posted on the topic you’re replying to.
  3. Make sure to include advice/well-wishes with the Anti-Guild Spray image.

If you follow these guidelines, you should be alright. Who knows, you might even become a large part of the spray’s history.

I honestly don’t know why I made this post. I guess I was bored. Hopefully it helps new people just joining the forums from the Discord shutdown.

I got the list of guilds used in the spreadsheet from this document from the now cancelled Vesteria Archives, as well as general knowledge and Knifehunter’s post history. Again, there are 100% some guilds missing, so please let me know if you find any that I haven’t included. Thanks!


mod close this, low effort

Welp, aslong you don’t saying that his/her guild is bad or anything bad, I’m okay with this meme aslong it’s not being used like ok boomer

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The whole courtesy part of Anti-Guild Spray is that you add a kind message when you post it, you don’t typically just post the image (since that’s seen as spam and low-effort).


this isn’t low effort
im surprised he went this far into the history of Anti-guild spray and i’m extremely interested now

what an answerremoved thing to do

Yea I know, that’s why I’m being okay with it

Wayyy back after testing there was a guy called kevcrusher that made a bunch of god awful but funny posts (still here btw). He made a post on knivehunters memes that struck conversation, kevcrusher randomly said “I think guilds are poopoo”, which gave knive the idea for anti guild spray.

Its here if you want to see it: Knife hunter memes are covfefe

(btw knive explained all this in regular chat so if you get regular search around for it)


Interesting, so the idea came up on November 19, 2018, which would have been just after the November 18 mass guild creation, which makes me wonder if there’s a guild that I’m missing where the spray was posted before Bringers of Lyris (assuming that Anti-Guild Spray was created just after this post).

Great find!

you can use this but idk cause it is in vip lounge. Just be respectful lol

Ok, this is epic. Also nice research, it must have taken you a long time.

I don’t think that list has all the guilds, though
Is it a list of all the active ones?

There are inactive guilds on the list I used, but it’s clearly not up to date nor is does it have every guild on it. That’s why I’m requesting that if people have more guilds that are not on the spreadsheet to let me know so I can add them to it.

oh, well if you want dead ones too,
I used to have one shut down guild, and now I have Mythical, so…

Alright, do you have the guild forum post for them?

for mythical, yes.

Guild #60 on the spreadsheet:

but it only goes up to 59-

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