The Healer And PVP

When the PVP update comes around so you can pvp everywhere (except cities ofc), I fear that healers will be less played due to them not being good in damage output & Intake. Also the healer will get most likely be target for that and less people have fun with the healer. :worried:

Of course I don’t want the healer to be buffed in damage or health just for that but so that the PVP is restricted to certain areas. :sweat:

Also you can control the pvp much easier if you have like a colosseum, for example. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Damage Output Isn’t Everythng.

(To answer your question)

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Yea, that helps. thanks

Healers won’t be entirely useless in terms of damage output, we plan on making healers viable in terms of playing by themselves, which should incur some form of PVP viability. End of the day though, we don’t want to make healers be overpowered in PvP because if they can heal a lot of damage and also dish out a lot of damage they start having very little counterplay in the PvP setting.

Healers make up for their lower damage output with higher sustainability. They will be able to stand their ground in PvP.


Thank you for clarifying, I was thinking about having a Healer Character and this was an important question of mine, but I did not know how to form it into words. Keep up the good work!

Here is the topic where ArcaneFxre got those quotes, in case you were wondering.

there is a party system so there will mostly be group battles not 1on1 battles unless they just didnt like eachother and were both playing alone

I want to add something inspired by Albion Online, there would be Blue Zones with no pvp at all, Yellow Zones that would have PVP and small Red Zone areas that contain better mobs or a special event. Such as in Albion online where in Yellow Zones there is a small Red Zone that contains a chest containing rare items such as pieces to a legendary item or money or other drops. Red Zones would be full loot max tier EXP mobs, all items would be dropped on death, I would not want money dropped or a way to store money before going into a Red Zone. This would contain bosses with full PVP around them. The Bosses would have top tier loot, like upwards of large amounts of gold, legendary item pieces or full weapons, they would spawn in every hour or so in a server. This could also make merchants exist, traveling from zone to zone selling items to NPC’s to make large amounts of gold, this would also make them go through Red Zones, putting in risk to it. For example: They would be in a city called “Trembrook,” so they would spend 20k gold to buy 300 ore from there, they would travel through 4 zones taking around 10 minutes to get to a city called “Slumhale” and sell them for 35k gold.

Also I want to have 2 healer types, focus and area healing. Area will be focused on giving buffs like speed or health regen to your party. Focused will be much more healing and little buffs but on a single target.

Did You Say You Want PVP In Boss Area?

In some bosses, like in the yellow or red zones, blue zones can have bosses without PVP, they still would have drops like low level gear and gold, I just want some items to be rarer because of the risk of PVP to get them.

The Problem I Can See With PVP In Boss Areas Is That When People Attack A Boss, People May Be Too Close So Everyone May Just Accidentally Kill Each Other.

Thats why the party system can be used, stopping pvp between party members. But I fear confusion and people not being able to get into a single group that want to work together. Causing people to have to leave groups to join a big one, I think we also can have a raid format, just have 5 players find a random match for raids and go through a dungeon, giving them all each their own loot.

you can also have a guild pvp protection rule

very well :smiley: