The Gods and Higher Beings in Vesteria

The Gods and Higher Beings in Vesteria

Terul (Major God)

Terul, one of the two major gods who created Vesteria, is stated to be the “individualist” god.

Vesra (Major God)

Vesra, one of the two major gods who created Vesteria, is stated to be the “collectivist” god.

Mo Ko Tu Aa (Higher Being)
Mo Ko Tu Aa is stated to be fueled with mana. It’s worshippers are a species that call themselves Moglos. Very little attempt to summon this beast.

Tal Rey (Higher Being)
Tal Rey is stated to be a Vesran worshipper. He is an extremely powerful mage with the ability to control people.

Spider Queen (Higher Being)
The spider queen is an enormous spider with dozens of spiders at her side to aid. Although she isn’t as powerful as other beings, her spiderlings do a number to many. Some dare to enter her dungeon.

Chad (Higher Being)
Chad is a shroom that has extreme knockback. There are rumors of a boy who was gone missing when Chad was first sighted. Some say he lies in the Grotto.

Fred (3913918414914814)

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i dont really think that chad and sq are on the same level as talrey and mo ko tu aa

Despite Fred’s denial of his divinity, he is the true king of the gods and the ruler of Vesteria!

is the lore about a boy gone missing for chad canon

this exists but 50% chance berezaa was just joking

that’s…wrong. We’ve been slaughtering children?

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It respawns so we are fine, we just made it so that it is enduring an endless loop of suffering… wait

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Vesra represents communism
Terul represents capitalism
Mo Ko Tu Aa represents just plain death - insane lag* + high damage foe = death-dealer
Tal-rey represents magic
The Spider Queen represents fear.
Chad doesn’t represent anything significant.

*I have a theory as to why Forsaken Isle is so laggy, inspired by @HellorHeavens. Mo Ko Tu Aa’s people, the Moglos and Moglokos, were mercilessly slaughtered en masse by the Vesterians, so he hijacked the files and caused Vesterians to be extremely laggy while in the land of his people, in an act of divine vengeance.