The Genesis, Part 2: The Dark Ages

Part 1: The Genesis, Part 1: The Celestial Age
A group of people gather, wearing colored hats and cloaks. They laugh and cheer, fireworks in the sky. The mage faction has begun. They cast spells on trees to make them move, even in the sky for a breeze.
I can’t believe I’m part of the first faction. I take out my grimoire and wand, the grimoire in my offhand. I summon a dark wraith that breaks the ground. I laugh. I suddenly have a flashback.

It was when I was weak. When I was abandoned by my parents. Those mushrooms… They took everything from me.
I kicked and screamed. The mushrooms hauled away my sister, holding me tight. I punch one and my hand merely bounces off. I shudder as my sister is taken away from me helplessly.
Suddenly, he appeared before me. My savior, Terul.
“Do you wish to have the power to change things? Do you wish to be strong?” He says, basking in power.
“Y-yes.” I had said, shivering despite the warmth.
“So be it.” He says. I am suddenly enveloped with warmth. I gasp for air. A grimoire appears in my hand, and I flip it open. A spell suddenly comes out, shooting magic bullets that immediately kill the mushrooms. I run up to my sister and hug her. Little did I know, that grimoire would be the only grimoire that would ever exist in Vesteria.
My eyes sting with tears. I had hand picked and trained every single wizard, and we created the mage faction, together.
I hold it lovingly in my hands, caressing it gently. I had finished my ultimate masterpiece, which I called Terul’s Talon. I teleported to the old man’s hut, the Creator’s hut.
“Hey, creator, old man!” I yell with joy. “I have a little surprise for—” Suddenly, I see him on the bed wheezing. I immediately drop my weapon and run up to him. “Are you okay? Talk!” I say, shaking him. His eyes slowly open, which seems to be an effort for him.
“Ah… Terul…” He says, touching my face. “There are so many things I wanted to tell you…”
“What do you mean?” I say, trying to get a straight response out of him.
“I only have one thing to say… Just do this little favor for me, I fear I’m about to die.” He says.
“No you won’t,” I say.
His last breaths are rough. “Just remember the old days. Just remember to—” Suddenly his hand goes slack. I’m shaking with sorrow, and I immediately use telepathy to communicate with Vesra, the only one who could possibly save him.
“What do you mean? What happened?” I said, the little human cowering.
“T-the raiders… They’re burning down our village!” He said. I look around and hide him in a lamp post. I sprint over to the village, and indeed there are people with axes stomping everywhere. I shake with rage and create a light that kills a trio. Suddenly, sound explodes in my head. Where are you, Vesra? The Creator is dying! HELP! I hear from Terul. I gasp, and look at the village. I quickly think back, I-I… I don’t think I can make it… He immediately replies. WHAT DO YOU MEAN? YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN SAVE HIM! I wince, but then I look at the village, look at a woman crying as her baby is lifted and killed. I severe the connection and run towards the village.
I shake with rage. I tell The Creator to hang on, but he’s gone. He’s gone. He’s really gone. I shut down, and cry as rain begins to fall, rain that adds to my sorrow and destroys my hopes that he’s alive. I only maintain one thought. If Vesra had been here, he would have lived. Thus, from now on, I wanted nothing to do with Vesra. Nothing. I look at my Terul’s Talon, my surprise gift for the old man, my only gift that I’ve prepared for him. That he never saw. I throw it down into a village and watch as a little boy picks it up. I stomp away, the fresh rain creating a puddle. From that day on, Vesra and Terul became enemies, despite the good memories of the elden days. Terul no longer wanted anything to do with anyone, and sat in his old cave, looking at the crystal chess pieces and cherishing days long forgotten.
Part three, The Golden Age, will be here

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the story progressed kind of quickly, but im just a noob so dont blame me lol