The Genesis, Part 1: The Celestial Age

mAdE bY xAvEcTrUm (im only sixth grade so if i make grammar mistakes im sowwy)

The Celestial Age

A vast emptiness is present, a deep swallowing darkness, leaving nothing in its wake. The little dust that collects is meaningless, time itself collapsing on itself. Far away, in another universe, a colossal explosion of off scale magnitude rocks the world. This triggers many things, such as time to begin. As many say, before this explosion, there was nothing but a question mark. All else followed. This, however, was not true, for vesterians.

The void harbored a consciousness, empathy and sympathy, or in other words, feelings. These feelings collected, a jumble of emotions. These emotions were derived from its loneliness, from being alone, from being so superior. Out of these emotions, darkness itself collected and turned into a being. This god was the beginning of Vesteria. His name was Terul.

The Creator, as he came to be called, was delighted when someone finally appeared. Although Terul preferred to be alone, The Creator was always trying to associate with him. He could recall many moments where he brought him a banana, as he called it, a bright yellow food that was edible when peeled, and Terul shooed him away. Eventually, Terul warms up to him. He no longer told him to go away, but didn’t tell him to stay either. Terul began to write in a diary, a book made not of leather put of pure darkness. The following is an excerpt from this diary, one of the first entries.

Day ???

He keeps visiting me in my humble cave. I still remember the days when I told him to go away, but I try to monopolize him for as long as I can now. We made a game that he called chess, played with a couple of chiseled pieces of brick that he got from eradicating a planet far away. These stones are crystallized and clear. I decided to give it a name, the name crystal.

“Checkmate.” He says, cracking a smile.

“What’s that?” I say, baffled.

“I say it when I win the game.” He stands up and stretches.

“But why would you call it—” I begin.

“The same reason why you call that crystal.” He retorts, poking the chess pieces. One topples onto the floor. I suppose he has a point.

The rest of the page is torn, the page already crumbling into itself. These were the old days, when Terul and The Creator both had young physical forms, when they ate s’mores over the campfire, weaving tales of childish fantasies, when they both sighed contentedly. These were the happy days. Beginning from here is the main story of the gods of Vesteria, and how they came to be, a story that never ends, writing itself day to day.

I stab my finger into a slab of meat, and to my surprise, it is not blood that leaks out, but a heavenly sauce that emits an aroma so enticing that I begin to drool. I quickly wipe it, and ask, “How did you get this?”

“Ah, I cooked it.” Seeing my expression, he quickly adds, “Which means I left it over a fire for a bit of time.” He throws his head back and laughs. I gobble up two entire pieces, and he brings out a crispy green food that he calls lettuce. It has a salty taste, like sea salt. It dissolves on my tongue. I notice that it’s kept cool by rough ice, on top of a wooden slab, not unlike a plate. He beckons me over to a clearing, where he shows me where he cooked it. I laugh when I realize that this heavenly food came from that. It hurts when I touch it. Suddenly, the flames grow larger, eating the wood but still somehow surviving. The Creator leaps back, surprised. He had been prodding the flames with a long stick. He apologizes to me, and tells me he has no idea how this happened. I realize with a start that it’s starting to take a shape. A golden helmet there, a bright green plate here. Finally, a figure emerges. He sighs contentedly, and brushes some ash off his chest plate, a crystal base, decorated with pieces of iron and gold here and there. It is adorned with a golden design. His pauldrons are blindingly white, so bright that they make me look dirty, even though I had just washed myself off. It seems to point out all my errors, a speck of dust here, a leaf there. The glow then dies, and a man is left. He smiles, and holds out a hand.

“Nice to meet you. My name is Vesra.”

I’m stunned, but I maintain my calm and shake his hand. The Creator breaks a smile, and quickly introduces himself.

“Hello, my name is The Creator, and I’m pleased to meet you.”

“I can only imagine.” He says, looking around at the empty clearing.

“No, you really can’t.” He says, laughing. I offer Vesra some crispy gold lettuce wrapped around hog meat. The fatty meat drips with delicious sauce, rather like grease. He takes it with one hand and his eyes widen as he bites in.

“Damn, this is some good stuff.” He says (this, my friends, is the first time someone cussed in vesteria).We all laugh, and watch as the sun breaks into a monolith, glowing and shifting a hundred remarkable shades of crimson.

Over the next few years, we’re what people would call “best friends”. People have begun popping up all over the planet, quickly building these towns constructed of wood and stone. I have no idea why they bother, when I can destroy them with a single tap. But I don’t, because I feel for them, like when I had first appeared myself. I recall a moment from back then when Vesra and I had gone out hunting, and then we both simultaneously used our abilities, me darkness, him light. At that moment, we both realized that we were polar opposites. I sit down on a mossy rock without realizing, using my darkness power to destroy the moss and make it suitable for me to sit down. I had recently taken up carving, and I had been working on a little side project that I planned to surprise the creator with as a birthday gift in two weeks. I smiled. Who would have thought little old me would do something like this, I thought. Little did I know, that present would never get delivered.


I still recall the days when we ate meat and drank washed down grape juice. I have a new power now, using shafts of light to heal people. I have tested it on numerous humans and it’s always worked. I had begun to develop an affinity with humans, and I loved to mingle with them. It was always fun when you cracked at a tavern, well, I was here at the beginning of the world, and I’m a god!


Vesra and I got together, and we decided to name the land Vesteria. We clinked goblets together, an item humans made that I’ve become rather fond of. I chugged down three goblets and laughed when I realized he was still on his first.

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