The game isnt fun

Personal opinion, but the game just isnt fun. Not to say its dead or not unique, its just mundane. Every RPG tries their absolute hardest to eliminate something called the “Grind”, where at one point you do the same thing over and over again until you progress. For Vesteria this is very evident, as from 35 > 45 is just so so boring.

It’s like they dont try to eliminate this at all, they make it so you’re forced to do one thing (they being the devs). I already know its gonna be the same thing with whispering dunes, it’s just gonna be the same thing over and over again. This type of thought just makes me wanna forget about the game overall, which I have accidentally before.

When I drop into Vesteria I’m just greeted with grind, I look at my level 42 ranger and say “I really want to level this character up”, but once I start the grind it just turns me off. I dont wanna grind as much as I have, I loved it when it was easy to level up through SQL. It would take me a few days to grind to max level, which is where I was comfortable. Level 45 has been out for over 2 weeks yet I still havent gotten max level.

Look at death stranding, the game visually is beautiful and the music is serene, much like Vesteria. But then you’re met with constant deliveries, over and over again. It just isnt fun to do the same thing over and over again yet we’re constantly forced to do it. It just feels as if the devs overlook this problem as a whole. They look at how much fun the dungeon or whatever is but they dont look at the path that you have to take to get there.

They just expect you to get there and have no problem with it. I already know they’ve started changing the EXP bars and how easy it is to level your slots up, but the problem is still there. Stuck in one area to level up and no variety. I’ve already said before: “This update is gonna save Vesteria”, but the same problem peeks over the corner and surprises everyone, but once you do it no one gets scared by it.


I mean, the grind is a side effect of Vesteria still being in development. Vesteria is an unfinished game, and there’s no content past level 35; this will eventually be resolved as more content is added for higher levels. This should be expected in a game in Beta, although I’m not quite sure fit for full release.

welp I usually play Vesteria after I’m tired playing Rogue Lineage so I don’t think it’s that boring

Vesteria is still an unfinished product, they still can resolve this problem and I hoping the full release will fix the problem from beta

FR isn’t gonna solve anything, especially when its a week or two away. Though cant be sure, they have delayed whispering dunes for like 3 months.

I always have hope for Vesteria as a good game
Ive been spending 1K R$ just to support this game and I want to see Vesteria development as a better product in the future
(1KR$ isn’t that much ik)

I’ve been telling people when I run into them during my playthrough that I actually don’t recommend playing the game right now. It’s just not fun. Even at Level 15, I’m already feeling how heavy the grind is.

This is why I’ve massively increased the amount of EXP monsters drop next update. You’ll be able to level up at all levels by killing far fewer mobs. But to prevent Vesteria from being a snoozefest, I also went ahead and jacked up the difficulty on higher level mobs. They hit a lot harder and can take a hit themselves. Additionally, the death penalty has been changed from 33% of your money to 10% of your money and 20% of the level up EXP requirement.

Lastly, I thought it was pretty ridiculous that as early as Level 15, the “meta” for progressing through the game as fast as possible includes blocking as many people as possible until you get your own Nilgarf Sewers server, and then just spamming thundercall or other abilities. Nothing about this is fun, which is why next update the mob spawnrate on all maps is directly tied to how full that server is. If you are in an empty server, hardly any monsters will spawn.

These are just the basic re-balancing changes, there are a lot of fundamental additions/changes in the works for the core game, and I’m really excited to be sharing them with you guys in-game.


Yeah, at the current state it is really boring. When Nilgarf sewers was the hardest place in the game, I didn’t even get myself to grind until level 30. It is pretty useless to grind up your levels when there isn’t any content yet. A lot of new features could fix that, something like working mini-games and a lore.

personally the game lacks mid-game content for grinding, theres no real incentive to fight rubees or spiders when you can just fight bats. hopefully low levels will get scared out of the sewers with the new changes

In my Opinion the best way to get content for a game is quests
Quests basically die at 15 and that’s why its where it gets grindly besides ratking which is 20
But ratking is too much work when you could just farm bats like you said
Adding more quests will give the player more to do
You could have quests where players would sabatouge another faction
You could give a quest to treemuks (The most useless mob in the game)
Give battys a small quest them make them falloff hard so players won’t just farm them over high level content
Give a quest for killing a yeti
Spider Queen daily or weekly quests
I think quests is the best way to fill a freeroam game like vestaria besides changing xp rates

main story line rn

I forgot about treemuk’s… thats how useless they are

for Boomgoeslevi