The game gets too boring

At the start of the game you are introduced to a beautiful landscape of adventures and you think this game could become very popular but farther into the game it turns into an adventure into a grind but then you get a class the game gets better then it turns into a grind again can you possibly fix this by giving more to people when they kill mushrooms or mobs harder then mushrooms?

it basically turns into a mushroom killing simulator

I Hope You Realise This Game Is In ALPHA
How Would We Already Have A Complete Game In That Amount Of Time?

Alpha, they update 2 weeks a day

actually flip that around…

every Saturday in 2 weeks

You shouldn’t play any MMO expecting no grind, however, when raids/dungeons are released the grind will be far more fun.

It’s an rpg and it’s pretty grindy. I usually dont say the “oh it’s only alpha” excuse but that really does fit here. Alpha essentially means the main groundwork is laid out but the game lacks content.
If people actually played to the extent which the game is intended to be played to right now, we’d stop at around level 20. Anything before level 20 seriously is not much of a grind for an rpg at all lol.

the point you should stop farming right now is level 25 since after that spiders start giving ABYSMAL amounts of exp and it totally isn’t worth it anymore

There will be more content don’t worry

I’ve moved this to general discussion. Please only post structured feature requests in the requests category.

In response to the topic: we’re really glad we were able to capture such an awesome adventure vibe for the start of the game. We haven’t gotten around to fully fleshing out the game past the Lvl.10 experience yet, so nothing after that is really final.

We added the Spiders to give higher level players something to do, but even that is unfinished.

It’s just a bit too early to actually get a good feel for how the game will play out. If you have any specific suggestions for what we could add, feel free to make a detailed feature request ironing it all out.