The frozen islands

You walk along the beaches close to the redwood pass, but then, you see soemthing in the fog… you go closer to it and you start seeing the outlines of a dock and something that looks like a human. You go closer and you see a warrior and the dock with a huge dragon looking boat. you talk to him and he tells you he’ll take you to an ancient frozen island for 300 silver but he warns you that you will see great dangers and terrifiying enemies, but you accept it anyways with your group of friends thing nothing of the warnings. as you ride on the boat closer to some shores you start seeing the outlines of what looks like a village. As you arrive on shore you go closer to the village with your friends thinking that you stay inside to survive the cold nights, but when you see someone you loudly yell :“HEY!” and they look at you and run into the village and say something in a weird language, and suddenly a horde of vikings and viking cheiftains running at you and you and your friends prepare your weapons and get ready to fight
introducing, the frozen islands! A new area in the oceans of the nord vesterianic oceans intorducing new weapons, armour and enemies!
The way you get there is by taking a boat at the shores of redwood pass for 300s and defeating the viking village that’s captured the docks and capture the docks back for the warriors!
and the viking enemies consist of:
the viking: a normal level 50 viking soldier who has pale skin, a long beard,old and worn but still warm looking shirt and a helmet with short horns and has a nordic battle axe who has two moves: charging at you while yelling angry giberish to do a groundslam-like attack knocking you back and doing a good amount of damage and slashing with his axe at you. his drops are usually 200 mushcoin and a 0.50% chance of dropping the nordic war axe which is for level 50 warriors and does 160 damage and has the perk “primal rage” which does 30% more damage when beneath 30% health.
the viking cheiftan: a larger viking with a helmet with long horns and red glowing eyes and he packs quite the punch as a level 55 enemy who only spawns once per village and has 4 moves:
the two moves the normal viking has but with more knockback and higher damage
viking cry: an enemy version of the beserkers war cry which he does when he’s under 30% health or when at least 10 vikings are around him and they’re about to charge at a player
axe spin: another berserker move copy where the cheiftan spins his long axes around himself doing high damage and knockback and he drops 300 mushcoin and has a rare drop which is “the nordic long axe” which is a level 50 warrior weapon that does 165 damage and has the perk “blood smell” which makes the user see damaged enemys from a very far distance and makes them faster while going to the enemy.
the village these enemies live in look like villages with 7-12 houses with them having dragon look-like houses and a big house with a door where the chieftan is spawns at and a well in the middle of the village, and there are 4 of these villages around the map which is an island which get taller the closer you are to the middle of the island, and on the top is a cave with a new boss, the ancient yeti, an old level 60 yeti which has been able to grow to huge sizes due to island gigantism and he is like a normal yeti but with very damaged horns and many icicles growing on him, and his attacks are :
horn puncture: the yeti rams forward with his head making the broken horns leftovers stab you in your body causing high damage and stuning them
ice throw: the yei picks up a giant ice boulder and throws it at enemies doing high knockback and damage and stunning the hit player
ice breath: the yeti blows out a cold breeze slowing down the hit enemy doing high tick damage and often followed by horn puncture to do a totall of 1000 damage if they all hit
drops: 30-100 silver in total, a new weapon known as the ice dagger which is a level 50 hunter with a 3% drop rate
which does 141 damage but slows down enemies by 10% for 5 seconds and has a 17% critical hit chance.When going back down from the top of the island you might fall into an ice cavern, a small rip in the ice with smooth walls and can only be escaped by finding a small cave as an exit before you die from the new mechanic, freezing, because staying out is the snowy land you will cause you to slowly get slower and loose stamina and eventualy freeze you to death from the cold tick damage and the only two ways to prevent it is to have high vitality or stay close to fire, so one of the campfires in the villages or a random camp in the middle of nowhere or you can go to the only friendly viking in one of the villages and he sells: warm viking coat for 1.5 gold and wearing it will lower your defence to 130 but will keep you from taking tick damage and yeti boots will make it take longer for you to get slow and the warm viking boots will cause you to not be slowable at all from the cold and you can buy a torch which when equiped in main-hand or off-hand will cause the already existing cold damage/slowing on you to slowly go away,and you might also experience a snow storm, a clod blizzard which will cause the damage and slowing speed from the cold to double and make your vision bad,
and the other non-humanoid enemies will be the snow wolf: a level 45 enemy which will run at you to bite you and when killed will let out a pained howel and attract other close snow wolves to attack you and it will drop a warm pelt which will be used for a mission at the warrior stronghold which will give you the warm coat for free, and that is my sugestion for a new area! please tell me what you think and how i could improve it! Edit:i’m first now seeing how long this suggestion is :expressionless:

Good idea! I really like the idea of keeping the Warrior areas snow-themed, so your ideas are pretty good. However, the “Ice Dagger” does have the potential for extremely difficult problems. Since those perks work in the off-hand, Rangers like me could just stand back out of Aggro Range and gain the crit rate bonus (which is the main reason people use Icicles), not to mention that it’s slowing effect would basically add the effect of using a Spider Leg Bow, likely causing tons of particles. 20% crit rate bonus is too much, it should be 15% at most. Even for its level, there are super-powerful weapons floating around from the dunes (I have seen no less than 3 separate Legendary Auktufiti’s Ballistas, one full yellow cursed, one full ancient, one full great), meaning that with our bows we Rangers would become even more broken. I like being powerful as much as the next guy, but what’s the point of being #1 if there aren’t any other numbers?
I honestly don’t care for the speed bonus, Arrows consume fast enough as it is. I wish there was like a damage bonus variant, bow damage is hard to increase to high points.
And a 30% increase in damage taken? Hunter HP got nerfed, remember? That means that even just a hit from an ELDER SHROOM could likely OHKO a level 20 Hunter. A level FIVE monster OHKO-ING a level TWENTY player? Waayyy too broken.

Also, 3-5 Silver for one boss kill? It should drop at least 60S (for bosses, 1S per level is pretty fair) in total. 3-5 pickups, I could understand. 3-5 Silver total, no way.

Also also, this is supposed to be a warrior-version of the Forsaken Isle, right? Even though this is pretty high-level, there are way too many concepts that are way off-base.

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yes maybe it shouldn’t be an island, and i did fix the dagger so tell my if it’s balanced now

It’s pretty balanced. The crit chance boost was okay, but it was just too much. Setting it to ~12% bonus (slightly more than the +10% granted by the Icicle to adjust for its higher level) would suffice. Also, I think this better fits the Mage-equivalent of the Whispering Dunes than Forsaken Isle so I adjusted the Dagger stats for that.

Here would be what I think would be good stats for the “Ice Dagger”:
+141 Weapon Attack
Struck enemies are slowed by 10% for 5 seconds
+12% Critical Hit Chance
Requires level 50
3 upgrade slots
3% drop rate.
Hunter Weapon - Dagger

many thanks

You’re welcome.

Also btw just reading the replies, icicle is +15% crit im pretty sure, so the crit could go up to ~17%, the sand ravaged bow and scimitar has the +10% crit.

ah thanks for the advice

O yeah ur right, icicle give +15%. It’s a hunter weapon so the scimitar’s crit bonus isn’t relevant, and the sand-ravaged bow isn’t good compared to a Fierce Ballista, it’s really only an intermediate bow.

the thing he said in the weird language was “build the helicopter!”

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You mean “build the rescue helicopter!” #AgeOfMemes

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Let’s do it all over again!

beach in redwood pass, nope.

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it literally has a beach to the right when you enter the forest

gimme a pic buddy please I wanna see