The frozen caverns

The warriors are a proud faction, resting at the icy peaks of the world. There’s been news about a cavern full of strange ice creatures, frozen in place… You go in to investigate, and you come to find out that there’s more to these caves than it seems…

:snowflake:The frozen caverns:snowflake:

The chills go down your back as you enter these caves, dangerous natural formations are everywhere, ice blocks your path, and it’s dangerously dark down there… maybe that lantern you found might be of use.

The frozen caverns are a dangerous path full of icicles waiting to be dropped from above. Ice will make navigating all the more difficult, and the darkness within it will surly cause chills down you. Try not to get frostbite, or else you’ll be the next display…

:skull:Chilly threats:skull:

The ice has strange properties on monsters, they seem to rapidly evolve to tolerate the ice. Let’s call these creatures “Permafrost” and “Abominable-nations”, to show the strange but dangerous traits of these monsters…

Permafrost: Ice crystals given life by the caverns. They will throw themselves at you like a shrunken, inflicting magic damage on you due to the cold touch they have.
Abominable-nations: Large piles of snow and flesh given life by the ice. These slow, bulky enemies have a regenerative property, and upon the first defeat, they split into smaller enemies known as Snow-flakes. If enough regroup, they’ll reform into Abominable-nations.

A cold, dark mist fills the air…

Decending deeper into the cave you find remains of a Tyrannosaurus rex, but it seems to be watching your movements, as a ray of sunlight shines down on it, causing the ice to melt slowly. It’s only a matter of time before this behemoth thaws out…

:t_rex:A new boss: Bonechill:cloud_with_snow:

The skeletal rex frozen in the caves rages out! The ice on it when it breaks out acts as armor, negating most damage. The only time when you can really deal damage is when the bone is exposed, so try to find a way to break the ice, and send him back to extinction.


Frozen stomp: Bonechill slams its tremendous feet on the ground, causing a wall of ice shards to rise up and any icicles on the ceiling to fall down.
Ice breath: Bonechill Breaths a cold, poisonous mist at you, inflicting frostbite damage and freezing players whole if they take too much damage. Attack the ice to break them free quicker!
Tail swipe: A quick, tail swipe. Anyone hit by the tail will be flung away from Bonechill.
Roar of recruitment: A mighty roar that summons Frostlo-raptors, small minions to protect Bonechill. These baddies are very fast and group up on one person to catch them off-guard.
Hurricane onslaught: Bonechill’s deadliest move. It charges up a storm in it’s mouth slowly, then unleashes a deadly storm that is so cold, water freezes instantly, including you if your in the radius of this A.O.E move. The more players frozen from this move, the greater it heals it’s armor.
Ice shield: Shattering it’s ice skull armor will stun it for a period of time. Use this to heal up or attack it for damage. After it gets back up, it creates a glacier to heal up while more Frostlo-raptors are summoned. Break the ice to stop it’s healing.

:gift:The cool rewards:gift:

Putting Bonechill on ice for now, The cold air diminishes as you collect it’s rewards… Has it been defeated?

Drops: Silver mushcoins worth 5 to 7 silver each, Several potions, Freezing teeth: “A frozen-sharp tooth pulled from the mighty Bonechill.” Sells for 300 bronze each.
Liquid ice: “A potion with liquid ice that makes you immune to the cold for a long time.” Upon consuming you gain 15 minutes of ice immunity and +4 INT.

Rare drops:

Frozen fossil staff: “A staff taken from the tail of Bonechill. It feels cold to the touch.” Upon equip: +85 weapon attack, Ice resistance increased, Spell power increased, +10 INT

Chilly claw dagger: “The finger of Bonechill, it makes a great dagger.” Upon equip: +85 weapon attack, Ice resistance increased, attacking has a chance of slowing enemies, and an even lower chance of freezing them, +5 DEX

Blizzard blade: “A blade found from the icy remains of Bonechill, it has the power of the blizzard within it.” Upon equip: Ground slam is now blizzard buster, a powerful strike to the earth that has a more concentrated area for greater damage. (Reduces the hit box on the ground to add more damage and produces ice spikes when you hit the ground. These spikes are purely cosmetic.) +82 weapon damage, +2 STR.

What more mysteries will thaw?

This is currently a rough concept of what I would call the first custom boss I made! And I apologize in advance for these awful puns, they made my brain freeze (Not sorry). Provide your thoughts down below!

I think something like this is already planned but this is still a great collection of ideas

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Thanks mate, and yes I had to do ice puns.

I really like these ideas! especially the boss.

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Good ideas. Feel like the dagger should have maybe +82 damage and the blade should have +85 or something

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oof frozen caverns. Does that mean i have to change my golem’s cavern or this seperate? :thinking:

You should post this in here:

Will Bonechill be in the cave? And is the gave branched off Redwood Pass or Stronghold?

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Sooooooooooooooo it’s a bottle of water…?


its water, but different.

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it could be seprate.