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Any leaks you find, edit them into here, if those leaks are already in-game and no need to be leaked? Remove it as necessary.

Reasons Why You Post Leaks Here

Some forum members may not have access to discord, or may not play when a developer gives out certain information, you can then post it here to notify them.

I already made a post about this but here’s a look at the hunter port city (@Conquest)

Ability icons

Apprentice Set

Magus Set



Mob drops

Profession icons

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To be honest, I’m not going to post my forum leaks here.

If you’re going to post a “leak” here, please know what a “leak” means.

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did you mean spoilers? since leaks are things that the developers haven’t shown us but rather found by the community, something that the devs don’t want us to see yet

Here are some REAL leaks, not from #sneaky-peaks in the Discord!

Ability icons

New mage costume set, different versions (unsure which one will be used)

The runes, these will teleport you to the place they depict

New weapons, mage and hunter respectively

Mob drops (the goblin necklace will probably be dropped from the goblin)

Profession icons, different versions (unsure which one will be used)

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all of those have been seen but thanks

*apart from goblin drop and the images for 2 skills

Goblin necklace. Hmmm…I wonder what equipment slot that would be used in

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I don’t think it will be used in any slot. I think it’ll just be a drop, like the spider fang or the crabby claw.

Oh yea, good point

Not gonna use it. Lol.

Dude you told me this before. If you don’t want to use it then don’t use it. Simple as that.
You posted this literally yesterday on this post, either I’m not reading that clearly or you’re forgetting something.

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No, I just decided to repeat myself. :smile:

Why would you do that? Okay you already answered it because you decided to do so, I swear if you answer to this again, it’ll cause a redundancy issue within yourself making me wanting to meme you. Also this is getting off-topic from leaks.

Never gonna use it. Lol.

okay? You’re not nearly as important as you think; nobody cares!

You mean you don’t care. And I think not myself to be important. Lolol.

I’m ending it here, people getting salty.

Magus Hat:
Magus Robes:

This is actually pretty helpful to see what is gonna come!

Yeah, berezaa leaks a lot of stuff, in his inventory, in decals. This is useful for me because I’m too lazy to look for leaks lol.