The forgotten forges of the legendary brothers

-Foreword: I don’t really know how to start explaining this idea, so I’ll try to just get into it and start writing what I think. Please take your time and read everything precisely. You may wonder: what the idea behind this post? It is that I have the feeling that it’s not a really good idea to cap the level at 50 and make new areas which are all around level 50. Even with the rebirth mechanic I do think that we sooner or later need a higher level cap and higher equipment. The argument that the lower equipment doesn’t really gets used anymore when there is new equipment with higher stats is a good argument. But this post gives an idea how to give all players the option to play with low level equipment and still be good with it like a high level player just because they like the equipment or the skill on it or other reasons. Please just don’t be unfair and read the first lines and then don’t care about it anymore. Thank you and let’s get into it.-

What are the forgotten forges of the legendary brothers?

The forgotten forges are four hidden forges scattered around Vesteria owned by four separated men. These men are truly gods when it comes to forging.

The brothers:

  • The youngest brother listens to the name ‘Aman’ and he concentrates on equipment from level 1 -25.
  • The older brother is named ‘Kyro’ and he helps you with equipment from level 25-50.
  • The third brother bears the name ‘Oray’ and he prefers equipment from level 50-75.
  • The fourth and also oldest brother is called ‘Tade’ and he only accepts equipment from level 75-100.
  • (Names are subject to change)

You may wonder what I mean with level 1-25, 25-50, 50-75 and 75-100 and I can answer that. With the smiths you will be able to ‘forge’ your equipment to your current level. Let’s say you are level 50 and you want to play with a stick, but that stick is on level 1 and you won’t be good with a level 1 weapon, but that’s false, with the help of the first two smiths(Aman,Kyro) you will be able to ‘forge’ the stick from level 1 to level 50. Now the stick has much more damage and you can play with it like you would played with a level 50 weapon. But watch out! When you ‘forge’ your weapon to a higher level than your own character is, you won’t be able to equip it. What about a Mushroom Sword? If you like its Bounce Back skill you still will be able to use this sword on level 50 when it has upgraded stats because it’s now level 50. Understood it?

-Tl;dr : With the Smiths you are able to upgrade your beloved level 1 stick to a mighty level 50 stick. But you can’t equip your mighty level 50 stick when you are level 46, because your character’s level is too low.-

But how to upgrade your equipment with the help of the smiths? The smiths will upgrade your equipment in exchange for money, drops and maybe experience? The first smith (Aman) only wants drops from level 1-25 from you, like mushroom spores, goblin necklaces, hay …. and he only want so much money from you that you can afford it from level 1-25. As soon as your equipment is on level 25, Aman won’t upgrade it anymore and you need to go to the second smith called ‘Kyro’. He will be able smith your equipment to a higher level.

-Tl;dr : The smiths will upgrade your equipment in exchange for money, drops and possible experience. The exchange is adjusted to the local level. As soon as you reached the highest level of a smith you need to go the next smith.-

Where are the forges? That’s something I cannot decide in the end, but the first forge(Aman’s Forge) could be hidden somewhere in the redwood pass or close to that. The second forge(Kyro’s Forge) could be hidden somewhere in Whispering Dunes. Im really not sure about the location of the third and fourth Forge. When you enter the forges, you would enter separate 1 player maps.

How to get into the forges? They could be locked behind puzzles, mini boss fights, quests or similar options. You need to unlock them before you can use them

-Tl;dr : The forges are scattered around Vesteria and you can unlock them through quests, fights puzzles or similar things. You need to unlock them first.-

What do you think about this idea? Let it know me, I’ll try to answer every question as soon as I have time to do so, if it takes multiple hours, I’m probably sleeping or in school or whatever. Like I said in the foreword, I tried to explain this idea from my view, but if there’s a problem, I’ll try to explain on a different wise. Please just don’t be unfair and read the first lines and then don’t care about it anymore.

Hey peeps, im back with a new idea, please take your time to read it, have a great time :slight_smile:

wdym by level 100, Ber announced a perm cap of 50

Thats a part of the first text block and my personal opinion.

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yes i want to see a level 100 stick

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