The FIRST GOLD MUSHCOIN Has Been Acquired By AncientKunoi

Can we get an applause for AncientKunoi amen :weary:

clap clap

nice work

“no one cares” A famous quote people tend to be using. Especially the maker of this topic.

ahem, there is a forum game going on about who can get it first, and Q_een/AncientKunoi couldn’t find the original topic so they made a new one. So, I believe, anybody that was trying to win that game cares. :smiley:

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dont think ive ever said that but ok pop off

“I’m the first hunter”
“No one cares”

well i mean who does lmao

ahem ahem

dont t h i n k but my response still stands

Well I proved your thought wrong.

damn u got me :pensive:

Technically the first gold mushcoins were obtained within a few hours of the game’s release, this was done buy using a glitch that let you sell more of an item than you had, ex: selling 20249573 clubs when you have 10.

the first legit mushcoins :33

Yes, teh first legit ones.

not what i meant but ok chief