The Fire Update

Man, this update is pretty lit.

so funny…

Hahahahaha. Funny.

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this is so epic
alexa play toto by africa

…down in aaaaafffffrrrrrriicccaaa.

Don’t Please, The Fire Will Be Put Out.

you know i had to do it to em

Haha. This was very funny. May I ask where you found a picture so amazing? I’d like to find more like this. Anyway, this post was very joyful and I hope you do more! :slight_smile:

the picture with the dude in white?

Yes, very nice image you have there! Please share your funny image tactics!

I have taken it upon myself to convert this photo into a JPEG, thank me later. :kissing_heart:

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Thank You A Lot, I Now See The Picture A Lot More Clearly Now.

No problem, the file size is a lot smaller now so it is much better.

Thank you for this amazing image. I hope to see much more creative content from you in the future! :heartpulse:

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