The Epic Saga Of Borbenibenigus: Chapters: 6: The Other World?

This is the sixth chapter of an epic saga known as The Epic Saga of Borbenibenigus. Remember to read through all of the chapter in order to fully understand events. These events, are in no way based off real characters or events, and all events depicted are meant in a lightly manner.

Chapter 6: The Other World?

As Borbenibenigus stared and gazed at the sky, it left him with many questions, more importantly where exactly he was and why is the sky so darn beautiful. As he was staring at it, he had simply forgotten where he was, suddenly taken out of the world he knew of and brought and taught up of a new reality he has to accept. More or less what could be taken from this new place. The fell-angel laid upon the five-headed giant’s hands, and the red skeleton was a bit dizzy from the transportation as the sudden change of air-movement and temperature discombobulated everyone except the giant who seemed to be used of this sudden changes. Nonetheless, the grass was a darker shade of green as there were plenty of trees that occupied this area and plenty of which seemed to be caricature of what creatures were known to man. The shadows of these creatures lead Borbenibenigus to having second thoughts of being transporting here and sort of wishing to go back home as his originally intentions are to return back to Pulor Town. Nonetheless, after moments of taking in the scenery, there in front of them which Borbenibenigus somehow didn’t notice it especially since it looked quite extravagant and flamboyant. From the distance Borbenibenigus was, the building appeared to be a fancy home with art embroidered on its cloth-door that lead inside, and the walls had art on each side. Each of which seemed to depict something that was quite indistinguishable from the distance they were from.

The five-headed giant placed the fell-angel down whose bones may or may not been broken by the giant’s vicious grip to prevent a certain “bug” from getting away. Nonetheless it seems that he was a bit troubled by something and quickly let go of that thought and soon appeared to be thinking of a way to explain where they were.

“Now as you’re probably wondering…” stated the giant, who was warming up for his long, epic speech.

“Wondering why you destroyed my chair? Yup I’m wondering why still, why you did it though?” retorted Hellfire whose feelings were still hurt ever since his delicious and oh so great meal was destroyed.

“Look, I didn’t know you were eating that more or so that isn’t even foo~” paused the giant as he could see anger swelling up from Hellfire then, the giant apologized, “I apologize for doing so, say I got… plenty of chairs… just come along… I’ll explain where we are as we walk to the building in the distance.”

“Fine, I accept your apology but… this chair or rather chairs you speak of better be delicious… hehe…” stated Hellfire as his demeaning manner quickly went to his voice being filled with disgusting drool.

Felitope as usual was disgusting by Hellfire yet again was still a faithful companion for some reason whatsoever. The fell-angel, red skeleton, human and giant proceeded to head towards the house. As for the red skeleton, he was making a motion with his hands as if rubbing it if he found some gold or some treasure of the sort despite his hasty thoughts he may be correct.

“You see, this place is… to unlock the vessel for you Borbenibenigus. Ahem, nonetheless disregarding that, all you need to know you need to complete some tasks that are important to realizing the prophecy.” stated the giant as they walked towards the eccentric house, “However, this is one of the first trials, which is The Path Of The Brave more or so overcome your fears on this path.”

As the giant was stating this, the clear path that had greenery on its side suddenly had the trees simply disappear and most of its terrain as well. All that left was a metal path with a strange man standing in the middle, the shadow familiar, and behind him men in cloaks. The distinction of them weren’t too distinguishable but Borbenibenigus clearly knew what he was getting into. The man that was there was clearly Zander, and the men, his group of bandits that kidnapped him. They were the people who stole Borbenibenigus from his home and his peace and more importantly destroyed his adventures into the forest. Despite the anger that Borbenibenigus originally released from the vast distance between them as he approached them, they changed into more grotesque creatures yet still distinguishable as bandits and Zander. They appeared to be what Borbenibenigus had assumed were called Mystical Beasts. All Borbenibenigus knew were they were mythical and maybe had parts of other creatures as if they were chimeras of the sort. The Zander that appeared there mashed into one mess with the other bandits, and there arms that stuck out were grotesque and Borbenibenigus was sort of gagging.

“You must overcome this, what exactly are you fearing other than appearance? Perhaps its the fear of what they could do? Who knows, you are the one who is controlling your life, you either die here or continue on victorious knowing you beat this trial. The choice is yours after all, Borbenibenigus.” stated the giant who didn’t seem he was going to help him at all.

“Why must I overcome this? You said it was for the prophecy but why do I have to do it?” asked Borbenibenigus who was still reluctant.

The appearance of the giant was rapidly changing and the appearance of Hellfire and Felitope disappeared instantaneously. The giant’s heads of white long hair were turning demonic with red faces that were contorted to be the definition of scary, with horns that grew and the hair turning black. The giant grew a tail not one that was pointy but one that could whip the air and create enough force to simply launch humans with the swing of it. From the two arms that it already had, it became more muscular and scarier and the giant grew four more arms that would only add more weight yet more surface area. The giant was already scary by appearance and the empty eye sockets that were filled by eyes with multiple pupils that were constantly rolling. How eccentric it was literally caused Borbenibenigus to vomit his stomach fluids out of disgust.

“You either do this trial, or I’ll end your life right here and now. You must learn to become equally biased for the good and evil.” stated the giant whose voice by the rapid change suddenly became demonic and more demanding.

Borbenibenigus’s fear grew more and now the Zander that was there was gone, in fact that was not something to be fearful of, that paled in comparison to this giant. That very giant with its demonic look was now Borbenibenigus’s fear, and what appeared on the metal pathway, even if fake, the giant was still a menace to look out.

“You fear me huh? They always do… you’re no different from them but… unlike them, are you willing to fight?” stated the giant who was preparing a weapon of the sort, it was a sword.

This sword looked finely crafted and how it was suddenly created is questionable, from what it appeared to be, it was quite a strong sword. If hand-crafted, the blacksmith would have years of experience to pound it into the creation of this mighty blade. The hilt itself… it bore heroism and strength to overcome this darkness inside Borbenibenigus yet… it would not appear. Borbenibenigus wielded this sword with utter cowardice and could not bring out his full potential. The nightmarish giant that was on the metal path was now charging toward Borbenibenigus, with all its arms that were open that suddenly had swords in them. These swords were quite massive and procuration of them is questionable and more or so why Borbenibenigus would imagine something so deadly to fight.

“Your own imagination will be the death of you… hahaha… I guess you’re no different after all… and I thought you were someone special… to think you… my future master is this weak… the prophecy is it lying to me?” stated the giant who was filled with disappointment.

“I-I am different… isn’t that right… g-guys?” asked Borbenibenigus who forgotten that his companions that weren’t the giant disappeared.

Borbenibenigus simply felt more betrayal, first it was Zander and repetitively Hellfire and Felitope. By this betrayal, Borbenibenigus readied his blade to slash however, the moment Borbenibenigus looked back to talk to the imaginary Hellfire and Felitope, the charging giant of the metal path swung its blades. Borbenibenigus looked away with his eyes closed and swung at almost the air, somehow his blade deflected the giant who was clearly more superior in strength and size. Borbenibenigus, as for him, this was his very first fight and the opponent he was facing did not falter and quickly struck down his weapon as the giant swung yet again. Borbenibenigus’s weapon flew off into the atmosphere and eventually reached the surface after moments breaking into pieces. The area Borbenibenigus was standing on broke and collapsed causing Borbenibenigus to fall into a void. The area below was only consisted of darkness and what appeared to be death. Borbenibenigus as most people would, did not want to die yet, it seemed it would his finally resting place would be in nowhere. Borbenibenigus felt only despair and the distance he was traveling felt as if it were increasing and the speed of the fall only increased.

“I-if only I could beat up that stupid giant… I’ll show him who is his master… I’ll show them all that I’m more than a coward!..” Borbenibenigus yelled to himself in the void.

As Borbenibenigus looked upwards, it was only dark, and all light was trapped. It felt hopeless, unable to truly do anything desired…

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