The Epic Saga of Borbenibenigus: Chapter 7: The Emptiness Within

This is the seventh chapter of an epic saga known as The Epic Saga Of Borbenibenigus. Remember to read through all of the chapter in order to fully understand events. These events, are in no way based off real characters or events, and all events depicted are meant in a lightly manner.

Chapter 7: The Emptiness Within

The empty void that Borbenibenigus was in made everything feel hopeless especially about returning home. Alas, he eventually gave up and closed his eyes for a while and started contemplating about what he has done. Nothing he has done felt of any significance and he continued to ponder what was the point of continuing on with this quest to save the so-called “universe” that had to be saved. As he continued to contemplate the more negative emotions welled up in him were starting to bank up and eventually it got to the point where his thoughts were seemingly endless after thinking for possibly hours, perhaps what it would feel days. Nonetheless, all emotion was lost within and his body, it was sustaining on its own. He could not feel hunger nor desire for anything, only loathing the world. Each day as it would pass by would consist of him thinking of the same thoughts that only grew darker each passing moment. Evidently, it lead to him loathing the world, what laid about and forgetting what his main task was or what he desired. Any trace of his old self was gone and a new version of himself was birthed.

Time continued on, and many things were starting to feel surreal, he felt as though his imaginings were real and he could interact with them. It was mere hallucinations that were derived from him that became his world. He became so absorbed in it, he was fabricating who he wanted to be or rather who he is now. The emptiness within remained the falsification of happiness was there, and it was the only way for him to sate himself. He had forgotten who he was and was only remaining in what his dreams were of returning to Pulor Town, only thinking of its prosper and what it could be and not what it is. He continued on, forgetting Hellfire, Felitope, the giant, the chairs, Zander, everything and indulged in his dreams. His dreams of being a true adventurer, venturing the lands with the friends that he could’ve had at the village he lived at perhaps find his own parents one of these days. He was thinking about the good times and imagining as if he was living throughout them only to realize he was a characterization of his own story he made, and often came back to reality to stare in pitch-black of disappointment. Each imagination became more surreal and more twisted as they were imagined, they started out simple such as going back to the village, meeting his parents, and soon were thoughts of someone who lost their mind.

The mere thought of losing came in within him and it overtook the momentum of good times and turned it into the hallucinations of destroying the entire world. Of course as these were hallucinations the only damage that prevailed were the damage to himself, by this time it felt as though years have passed by and the gravity would not stop pulling him to what seemed to be an eternal doom. Carelessness is what grew from all of this, only more carelessness in his dreams and what he felt was only more despair. Only despairing to the point where he accepted the fact he was nobody special but nobody bad. The despair itself it continued on and lingered for days. At this point there appeared to be light overhead of where Borbenibenigus was. It resembled the light he saw, perhaps decades ago, or possibly more.

The bright light shined and the haze of the orange seemed to pierce his eyes leaving him blind for a moment. When the trauma kicked in was when his realizations of what he came to be upon, the scene that started it at all, the moment where he, when he was younger ran away from his town. This had only left him with regret and disappointment that grew only into more hatred that displayed on his face that was once depressed to bright-red tomato. This tomato, it became red to the color of blood and crimson, it only grew more redder. The scene changed to where he saw Zander used his tricks to kidnap him long ago yet, it appeared the figures could not notice him. The mere sight of Zander brought anger and he readied his punch with his weakened and unathletic arm raised to hit Zander in his face, and it did not as it simply passed through. This brought more anger, agony and screaming to where he laid on the manifestation of his life, realities, and dreams.

“I-if only I had the chance to end it all… this entire world…” stated Borbenibenigus on his last breath.

The ceiling, it was white, and looked brand new, and then the body suddenly jerked up at a random moment as it laid on the bed.

“This vessel, it’s strange for it to have such properties,” stated a voice that resembled a girl’s.

The girl, appeared to be what out of fantasies, are known as magicians or mages. She wore a robe and appeared to be the studious type due to her nature in her speaking and voices. However, she didn’t appear to be really tall and somewhat oblivious to her surroundings considering the mess around here which appeared to be a lab of some sort. Her blue robe was stained red and a mixture of other colors which was a total mess.

The vessel was starting to think of its own way to get its revenge on humans now, and this human girl just found out about it’s master plansNo, it was simply Borbenibenigus who realized he was this sort of vessel, simply a mannequin. A simple object that resembled humans. From his dying wish of ending the world, from his death, he appeared to be within this mannequin he possessed and had no idea where he was. From where he was, it seems the universe hasn’t ended yet, so it was his job to do it now. He could be in the past, future, an alternate world, he has no idea where he is or when he is. From the earlier movement he created it seems he caught the attention of this strange girl wearing strange clothes who acted strange with her manners and seemed to be doing something strange with a piece of paper. It was all strange to him and his whole understanding of where is he is unknown, disregarding that, Borbenibenigus had a revelation of how to end the universe.

“Ugh, what am I going to do with you. I-if the professor found out I was testing experiments on you, he would be angry…” she stated in a worried voice to herself which Borbenibenigus found stranger about her.

Borbenibenigus was then continuing to think about his master plans and how it could succeed, more or so what is he getting into…


No, the title should be “The Emptiness Within My Heart.”

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