The Epic Saga Of Borbenibenigus: Chapter: 5: The Giant

This is the fifth chapter of an epic saga known as The Epic Saga of Borbenibenigus. Remember to read through all of the chapter in order to fully understand events. These events, are in no way based off real characters or events, and all events depicted are meant in a lightly manner.

Chapter 5:

There was as if a slow wind breeze, the sound of mystery, as it was being generated by the angels’ works. Their work was as if they were collecting objects from this very dark, vast and seemingly empty space they inhabited. Borbebenigus simply sat on the bench after thinking more, and yet he still could only somewhat make out what was going on. As he gazed at their work, the more they did, the less it made sense on how they would create a new vessel. This body he already had he had believed it was already good enough and that he didn’t need a new one. More or so he doesn’t understand how they would exactly insert his soul into this new vessel, maybe it had to do something with the artificial beings and all that. The topic was quite confusing and Borbenibenigus was straining more of his brain, as he watched the angels work. All he could make out of their work was they were collecting something that isn’t visible to his own eyes, and were slowly creating a huge pile of nothing. Nothing looked productive, nothing seemed to occur, and it was simply as if he was watching empty beings move back and forward, lifting their arms and moving their hands to grasp the air, then somewhat holding that, and moving it to the desired position. Borbenibenigus, rubbed his eyes, as they continued this for minutes on. Even what was more perplexing was that none of the angels collided with each other nor fell down. It was as if this was simply an entire illusion meant to trick Borbenibenigus or of the such. It was as if they were a single being. Borbenibenigus continued to watch them, then proceeded to mess around, thinking about all kinds of things.

Many moments were passing by, Borbenibenigus was imagining he was in his own world or so, where he could do anything he want. As he was day-dreaming, a new body appeared in the center of these angels. Perhaps their work did something or maybe… they summoned an evil being. Borbenibenigus was amazed at this, it felt like hours, maybe even years passed while waiting. Although his sense of time is literally stopped here as well as, time itself not continuing here. The body that Borbenibenigus was slowly approaching, was quite huge, in fact it was the size of a giant man, bigger than the buildings in the village. Borbenibenigus was perplexed at this, blinking his eyes multiple times, then thought the only solution was to walk away. As he was turning around, a certain angel’s voice was echoing into his ears.

“The vessel we created is ready for you now.” stated one of the angels who was proud of their work.

“Uh, yeah of course, I was definitely waiting for that, I was just turning around to see the big surprise.” replied Borbenibenigus who clearly wanted out of this.

Borbenibenigus just thought he would roll with this hiding his intention of not wanting to accept this vessel more or so save the entire universe, he still didn’t feel motivated.

“Hmm… it feels like something is wrong… like maybe you’re hiding something from me… us… I could definitely sense it… are you perha~” asked the angel as she was cut off by Borbenibenigus.

“N-no, nothing is wrong, I was just thinking about how fast I can… yeah, I’ll just go with that save the entire world with this vessel?!” stated Borbenibenigus whose answer clearly didn’t seem adequate at all, clearly not telling lies.

“Oh, isn’t that swell, to think you were lying to me all along, I already knew you didn’t want to save this universe, I was hoping you would change your mind. Guess you require more than my assistance.” stated the angel whose tone started out disappointed that evolved from disappointing to completely sinister.

“W-wait, you can sense lies?” asked Borbenibenigus who was confused.

“Of course I can, I am your humble servant after all and able to sense all kinds of lies.”

The other angels were suddenly crashing into other yet, they were combining all into one being. This being, it didn’t bare the shape of the angel Borbenibenigus was used to. It was in fact… it was becoming the form of something with flesh. Its eye sockets appeared to be empty, its hair, was long and white. The giant being had a robe on, and was looking god-like yet, it bore five heads. It was the description of Hellfieriousnionicious, except, the giant was smaller than the vessel that was created. The only problem was that this giant had flesh, it had five heads yet, it didn’t have crossbones, or more importantly a red skeleton with crossbones.

“W-wait then who are you?” asked Borbenibenigus when all of a sudden his eyes blacked out.

“You are better off not knowing other than I, I created this world in fact I did and… actually the universe and I ended all of it…” stated the giant as he forced Borbenibenigus out of the realm he controlled. It seems Borbenibenigus will never realize the illusion of the giant being the angels he knew was an entire lie. Felitope is merely no one special and is simply a foolish human who had black wings and a black ring attached to the top of her head. Along with bearing a robe. Humans can also become mystical beasts if they are evil enough. Borbenibenigus had his heart racing as this was all simply a nightmare. He rose off the camp’s dirt, and proceeded to look around. Hellfire and Felitope were looking at him as if he was a weirdo. They questioned what he was doing then, they were cooking what they procured from their hunts. After making their food, Borbenibenigus was still shocked. Although as much as he would want to ask them about his dream, they would not believe what he would say. He still has no idea whether he can trust them or not, so he attempted to act normally as he would.

“Why you all worked up, excited to eat the food of a legendary skeleton? Hm? Well I bet you are!” stated Hellfire, as he was trying to reel Borbenibenigus to try his monstrosity of food.

The sudden thought of a skeleton known for his red skull and crossbones got Borbenibenigus to worry about the dream he thought he forgotten. Hellfire was looking at him, as Borbenibenigus was somewhat making a face of worrying that Hellfire took it as disgust.

“Man, I thought you would be like not like the others, who are not like the ones who don’t like my food. Y’know the kind who like my food I thought you’d be one of them. Too bad you’re a Felitope… why couldn’t you be a Hellfire, huh?” remarked Hellfire who was disappointed that Borbenibenigus wouldn’t want to eat his food.

“Look, it’s perfectly fine you wouldn’t want to eat poison, me neither. The red skeleton only calls people Hellfires, as they eat his food, or the more logical and more or so the description of perfection who enjoy only the best food as me, Felitope.” stated Felitope whose remark was making Hellfire slump a little against the tree.

Borbenibenigus didn’t respond at all, in fact he was perplexed by what was dream and what was reality. The dream he felt was as if he was living it through, he could interact with the entities there, and so could they to him. Borbenibenigus didn’t look the very best after such an experience, and the two spirits interpreted that he didn’t want any of their food.

“Ohoho, I guess we found ourselves an outlier, guess that means I’ve won as much as I lost. Hehe… he’s not a Felitope, those who don’t enjoy fine dining as me. Why can’t you just eat chairs, they’re so delicious! You and your despicable “food” is banned from us but… I’m sure Borbenibenigus is willing to try it out. After all he didn’t seem to like either of our foods we showed, so he must like both of them equaly as well. I gotta say though, bet he likes my food better than your trash!” stated Hellfire who was mocking the fell-angel as she was enjoying her food.

“It seems you are trying to believe the dream was fake, it was in fact real. You are living in alternate realities, you don’t belong anywhere. Accept the vessel already and we’ll be on our way to saving the universe. One other thing, that wasn’t a dream, why don’t you go on and ask your “friends” there, I’m sure they can answer you. Hahahaha…” stated the giant from Borbenibenigus’s dream.

“H-hey guys, a weird giant from my dream is trying to tell me I was gone for a while… i-is that true?” asked Borbenibenigus who starting to get more nervous.

“Oh that what you were worried about, I thought you were worried about the food! Come on, eat a part of the chair, it’s finely roasted with some nice seasonings! Guess you’re wondering about the dream thing, well yeah you were dreaming, and then all of a sudden a uh yeah a giant he fell from the sky and asked us how to get all the uh rings, yeah rings!” stated Hellfire who was clearly telling lies.

“Okay, I was honestly expecting them to be able to explain the situation so you could… UGH doesn’t matter, all you gotta do is run away from them, possibly die on this quest and accept my servantliness, is that even a word? Whatever I’ll be your servant just hurry up and come to this locatio~.” stated the giant whose disappointing tone was cut off.

“T-the giant, he wasn’t asking for rings, he was asking for me to save the universe!” stated Borbenibenigus who clearly glossed over the conversation of the giant and only listening to Hellfire.

“Sure, as if, the guy he only saw you with your eyes closed and you were sleep-talking about how much you love to eat chairs. He thought of how kind you were and complimented on you on being a great dreamer, and thanked me for being a spirit of culture.” Hellfire said proudly as he boasted the greatness of chairs.

Felitope was simply sighing and face-palming as she continuing to feed the fire which cooked several foods, that weren’t chairs. She watched the conversation where it would go to sate her need of entertainment.

“Okay this is going nowhere, I’ll just have to do this myself.” stated the giant within Borbenibenigus’s mind whose high expectations were now none.

Thin air was passing through, molecules were shifting, and matter itself was breaking. A rift has just opened in the middle of the camp, it didn’t seem to absorb energy or anything, merely a reflection of what was in the world. It had an opaque layer that seemed like water, and a large toe broke through the rift. Within a moment the entire rift was expanded, breaking the sky, breaking through the night, and breaking air itself. A huge giant rift was in the middle of the camp, and it left the two spirits complexed, each with their own unique emotions. The red skeleton who was astonished, as his chair that was cooked was crushed, and the fell-angel was in surprise as this was something entertaining. Then within moments, a giant appeared, with its five heads, his robes, and missing eyeballs, and created dust clouds that made Borbenibenigus and Felitope cough. The dust clouds took a few moments to subside and soon they returned to the ground.

“Well you see, this was the giant I was talking about, I wasn’t lying. my poor, poor chair… why did you have to go and get crushed… You see, this guy he wants rings, also he stepped on my chair because he didn’t want me to eat all of them. Ain’t the guy greedy?” remarked Hellfire who was quite smaller than the giant who was being insulted.

“Ahem… ahem ahem… disregarding that rude behavior. We must go and save the universe now before the great threat controls them all.” stated the giant who was immediately insulted as he came to this world.

“Oho, you think you can order us, you five headed behemoth. You look uncivilized to be treading into our territory, as interesting as you are, I’ll let you off with a small warning.” stated Felitope who was enjoying herself.

" Um… I don’t think you should be picking a fight with him…" retorted Borbenibenigus whose quietness looked like he was eating air.

The five-headed giant simply reached down, grasped the fell-angel within his hands, and then within moments his sockets became white, and blinding. Even when not looking at it, there was still the effects of white-light. There was a change of air-movement and temperature, the terrain below clearly changed to a different shape and hardness. This which happened all of a sudden revealed an entire world that wasn’t explored before. It looked like a paradise and had a nice humid temperature, there were plenty of greenery which occupied most of this area, the sky stretched a nice blazing color for possibly thousands of miles. The sun had a vivid color of orange, the color of a well-burning fire.

Borbenibenigus who thought Felitope would die faced an unexpected result of being transported to what appeared to be an entirely different world. This left many questions to him and why the giant acts the way he does.

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