The Epic Saga Of Borbenibenigus: Chapter 4: Beginnings IV

This is the fourth chapter of an epic saga known as The Epic Saga of Borbenibenigus. Remember to read through all of the chapter in order to fully understand events. These events, are in no way based off real characters or events, and all events depicted are meant in a lightly manner.

Chapter 4: Beginnings IV

As the camp was being set up, there were many thoughts that piled up in Borbenibenigus’s thoughts. Some of these are why Hellfire and Felitope are lying to him as well as why the room he stayed in for so long was in a tree. He kept thinking about this deeply as a loud rumbling sound had emerged from his stomach area.

“Ah, guess you didn’t eat after all, that room breaks time. The room somewhat exists in its own frame but, it still exists within our world.” stated Felitope as she made notice of the rumble.

“What food is around here then? The food I eat are… well… now that I think about it… I don’t remember…” replied Borbenibenigus whose own lack of knowledge was starting to scare him.

“No matter, we’ll get you something in your stomach in a moment. Can you at least remember the taste of the food? Well anyways, I gotta say, I’m a food expert, I can tell pretty much what all the food is around here.” boasted Hellfire proudly even though he doesn’t have a tongue.

“Okay, I guess I can trust you on tha~?” replied Borbenibenigus who fell for his ploy easily.

“Are you seriously going to trust this idiotic red skeleton with your life? Honestly, you guys are literally going to die with his sense of taste. His sense of taste it’s…well it’s just not appropriate for those who aren’t SKELETONS… ahem, anyways let’s go find food for you.” remarked Felitope who clearly almost knows the best out of the group.

For a moment, Borbenibenigus had a thought as of why these spirits were helping him. He, himself believed that he was underserving of such kind spirits, which lead to his curiosity why they didn’t leave him already. As uneducated as he was, he could somewhat understand they could’ve left him as soon as he helped them escape.

“S-say, you guys could’ve left me when I helped you escape? T-then why are you still helping me?” asked Borbenibenigus, whose was avoiding eye contact whilst doing so.

There was not a single reply and the appearance of the two spirits already left empty spots where Borbenibenigus was literally in the middle of nowhere.

“I guess they a-a-answered… my question then…” Borbenibenigus said to himself as he was starting to get ready to move.

Borbenibenigus decided he would go back to Pulor Town as feeble as it was, it was still home to him. He didn’t care what Zander said about the people there, and as he was attempting to start heading back, a part of his vision went hazy for a moment. It had suddenly went from a nice somewhat bright noon to pitch-black for a moment, switching from all shades of colors that made Borbenibenigus feel dizzy. Then at a sudden moment it stopped and mysterious arms had caught him, as there were murmurs he could barely make out. After a moment of unconsciousness he had woken up, and to that he decided to open his eyes to break out of the darkness he looked out. He opened his eyes, it was still dark, he opened them again, and touched his eye sockets to make sure. It was still dark. As he was starting to feel delusional and was about to start screaming, he noticed a faint light in the distance, it appeared to becoming closer as if it were calling him. Borbenibenigus went towards the light, it took many paces to eventually get there yet, it was effortless at the same time, as he got there, there appeared a figure within the light. Despite the light being quite bright, the figure remained indistinguishable as he could only make out it was a humanoid and quite huge.

“You are finally here my child… or uh boy, whatever t-that doesn’t matter, moving on!” stated the mysterious figure coated within the light.

Borbenibenigus was a bit confused for a moment, as he thought going to the light would make him wake up away from this nightmare of darkness. He went up over to the figure and observed it from his surroundings, it was an entire illusion and the figure itself was actually pretty normal-sized.

“Oh it seems you have power despite your vessel still being weak.” stated the figure.

Moments passed and there was no response from Borbenibenigus as he was in awe of this figure, the light generated from the figure made him more curious. This was clearly testing the patience of the figure as it was starting to get a bit agitated. The figure created a shield that launched Borbenibenigus back as it was starting to get a bit more frustrated.

“Look, I’m getting tired of this, you’re clearly not a mute nor deaf person, I know who you are, Borbenibenigus, now respond already.” stated the figure who was gripping its fist in one hand and preparing a deathly attack in the other.

“Who are you?” finally asked Borbenibenigus who for some reason didn’t think of asking before.

“Oh, I forgot, the kind of magic I emit sort of messes with the brain, I just wanted to go with the cool prophet guy look, y’know the one that is mysterious but is reliable? Okay you don’t get it at all… and I thought I could share my cool ideas with someone…” replied the figure as it removed the light it emitted and changed its appearance from shadow-like to something more noticeable.

It took a few minutes as it was slowly becoming more human-like. It wore a cloak, and a robe, that were black and white, the cloak being black, and the robe being white. The figure had no pupils and what was left were simply the white part of the eyes, and it had pale skin. It was pretty normal looking and wasn’t too surprising to Borbenibenigus who soon became disappointed. Soon, after thinking about the figure’s appearance, Borbenibenigus soon was bowing in respect to the figure. The figure was in surprise that someone as ransacked and poor as him could possible pay them in such respect.

“Oh yeah, how come you’re like bowing and that stuff. I like the respect I deserve but, you’re sort of not explaining why.” asked the figure who was curious.

“Aren’t you like god, I mean you had this light thing going on around you. You look uh what was the word… Almitty? Almonds? Oh I remember, all tighty. Yeah that’s it.” replied Borbenibenigus who thought he was acting quite smart in front of the “god”.

“No, I’m not god, I’m simply a prophet that tells you what to do, and the word isn’t all tighty, that’s not even a word, gosh you’re a fool. The word is almighty, get it right, it’s almighty. Anyways I’m not god, as I stated before, I’m the one who will guide you on your journey to save your universe.” stated the prophet whose initial stating of important information doesn’t seem all grand.

“What if I don’t want to save the world?” asked Borbenibenigus who seemed dumbfounded.

“You have to, you’re the chosen none, the nobody who was chosen.” replied the prophet who was dead serious.

Borbenibenigus was starting to feel hurt, and a bit rebellious so he didn’t want to answer the prophet. He started to proceed back to where he originally started, the darkness didn’t help as his sense of direction is gone. The amount of sheer obscurities that could lie in the dark made him afraid of what lays in the dark. He proceeded to a different light that he didn’t notice before, and it was also like the color before.

“Wait! Don’t go there, come back here, you gotta listen to me!” stated the prophet as they were flying towards the running Borbenibenigus.

From there, Borbenibenigus went to the distant light, the prophet’s flying was not as fast as Borbenibenigus’s running. As Borbenibenigus eventually went to the light, he was out of breath and barely could use his vision. The figure was the one he looked at an hour ago, and he was perplexed. The prophet then decided to hide in the dark as they watched from a safe distance.

“You are finally here my child. I am here to give you an important task of saving the world. This task is very important, you are the only one you can do it, The Chosen NONE!” the prophet replied with vigor to the perplexed boy.

“Why are there two of you?” Borbenibenigus asked barely with any of his voice.

“Oh did you see another one of me, hm? Well I’ll you what, there are alternate realities, and you travel between them. You don’t belong to any reality. Hence, you’re are no one, you are an outsider that we rely on to save the world! Or more precisely the UNIVERSE…” stated the prophet.

“Well I just wanna go home.” stated Borbenibenigus as the original prophet that was speaking to him came up to take him away.

The prophet that Borbenibenigus was just talking left no expression and then a mist appeared causing them to appear empty. Borbenibenigus looked back in horrification and was shocked for a moment until the prophet that was dragging him through the air made him get a sense of where he was. The prophet set down Borbenibenigus, and then proceeded to give his prophetical speech.

“You see that guy you were talking to?” asked the prophet.

“U-uh, aren’t you the same pers-” replied Borbenibenigus.

“They stole all my lines. I was going to say them but, since the interference of magic, I wasn’t able to state them, honestly… that was very rude.” stated the prophet who sounded a bit like Felitope.

“Are… are you perhaps uh… this might be strange… are you Felitop~” Borbenibenigus was going to ask until he was cut off by the prophet.

The prophet proceeded to turn into the recognizable fell-angel Borbenibenigus is used to except that her wings and halo weren’t dark and sinister. This left Borbenibenigus perplexed with a question he was going to ask until his question was immediately cut off.

“I see, you met your guide. That is in fact me, yet it is not me, despite me trying to act like a fool earlier in order to loosen you up, I suppose this disguise cannot fool you. I’ve clearly made a mistake and I must hurry on with this prophecy.” stated this Felitope with a more serious tone than she ever would usually be.

“As you heard from the other prophet, you travel between alternate realities and what was not stated, is that those realities are created constantly. This is because of a great threat that appeared in the universe recently. I, in fact watched over you since your creation, that was the same exact time this great threat appeared as well.” said Felitope that had Borbenibenigus surprised at certain things.

“W-well this is a bit unrelated to the whole ordeal, may I still ask it?” asked Borbenibenigus who was going to ask about the wings.

“Ask away, my boy, I’m sure you’re confused by a lot of things such of why you were asking a question. Wait you’re asking something unrelated to this… fine I’ll let you ask it…” replied Felitope who believed it had something to do with her age or something along the lines.

“Y-your wings… well…” Borbenibenigus stopped abruptly.

“What about them, oh could you be like all the other people here to compliment them? Well I’ve already been flattered many times, in fact infinite as time ceases here. Whatever, what about these wings of mine?” stated Felitope who loosened up her tone a bit.

“T-they’re not black a-a-and your halo… it’s not that color eith-ther!” yelled Borbenibeniugs who was pausing in between since he was a scared to ask it.

This Felitope sort of sunken down, and seemed a bit depressed. She decided to go somewhere else for a moment, as she was gone, she left a beacon of light to mark where Borbenibenigus was. Borbenibenigus was thinking to himself as if he said something bad to her. He wondered if it was bad to say angel wings and halos are supposed to be black. Borbenibenigus felt like running away but, he was too tired and was feeling a bit too lazy, so he laid down. As he closed his eyes for a moment, he finally descended into sleep. He had the nice dream where he had a jolly good time with the people at his village, as they were happy of their prosperity, and the new government being kinder to them. He had a great time imagining all this when there was a sudden thud. The sound was if the sound of thousands possibly millions of people slowly descending gracefully yet it still generated an ugly sound. Right before him, were flocks of Felitopes and Borbenibenigus was quite scared, there were all kinds of murmurs upon them and he felt like was something bad was going to happen.

“We’re sorry Borbenibenigus,” stated one of the Felitopes in the front, “but… this idea of saving the universe is almost impossible. The point where you are at, is where the great threat of the universe has already controlled most of the alternate realities. By the time your Felitope has fallen or became bore those black wings and halos as you said, it was when she realized the world was doomed.”

“That reminds me…” Borbenibenigus stated, as the angels rose their heads from despair and looked to their chosen none for hope, “my name isn’t Borbenibenigus, it’s Borben, why can’t you guys get it right?”

The angels were angry for a moment, and were seriously going to raise death upon him, then they realized there was a reason again why they call him that.

“That is the name of the prophesized chosen none, and you are to fight the great demon general known as Hellfieriousnionicious, he poses a great threat, and is easily distinguishable for his red skulls and cross bones. He is also known to have five heads, as well as a huge body. He is the one who guards the legendary door.” stated one of the angels.

“Uh… but I’m like friends with Hellfire?” stated Borbenibenigus who was confused at what they were demanding.

“Yes, you are, except that’s the skeleton in his weakest form, as you travel closer to the worlds where the great threat controls, he gains more of his power and is more evil. He, at his weakest form is known as what you call, a Manifestation Spirit.” stated another angel, as if in sequential order.

“Aren’t you also Manifestation Spirits? Also how do I travel between these worlds?” asked Borbenibenigus.

“No, we’re not spirits, only when we fall we become spirits, otherwise we are known as beings of light. Only dark beings are Manifestation Spirits, and you as well, are a combination of light and dark beings conglomerated into one.” stated the next angel.

This information was starting to confuse Borbenibenigus as he was starting to wonder what the whole point of his life is now. Borbenibenigus made motions of wanting to have a break, and the angels permitted him to have it. A magical seat appeared, with the shape of a bench and it had lion designs imprinted on it. This break somehow allowed Borbenibenigus to process some of the information given.

“Okay with your break done, it’s about time we get onto the main point. You’re clearly not in the correct vessel.” stated one of the angels, whose point was continuing to confuse Borbenibenigus, “You are in a body of merely a goblin, I dare say it, that body is literal garbage. We are going to create a true body for you, the original creation of you was disoriented and the great threat caused us to lose our powers.”

“Wait, then, does that mean I’m not even human?” asked Borbenibenigus.

“Yes, that’s correct, in fact you’re simply artificial, however your soul isn’t. Your soul is quite rare, since it is inherited from the last hero. We use your soul in order to save the entire universe.” stated an angel who was starting to create a new body.

All of information given was really confusing to Borbenibenigus to the point where his brain felt like it was going to explode. Borbenibenigus laid down on the bench he was sitting on, and thought more about what’s going on.


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