The Epic Saga Of Borbenibenigus: Chapter 3: Beginnings III

This is the third chapter of an epic saga known as The Epic Saga of Borbenibenigus. Remember to read through all of the chapter in order to fully understand events. These events, are in no way based off real characters or events, and all events depicted are meant in a lightly manner.

Chapter 3: Beginnings III

Borbenibenigus had still remained within the room, he was still on the bed that was an assailant. Apparently despite the wreckage from before of the room, it was fully restored with no cracks in the ceilings nor door. The door knobs still were there, and the bookshelves still laid upon the room. The blue walls were still as confusing as ever with its shadow figures appearing in and out of it. As if they were peering into the room, as if they were the surveillance system of the place. This room, now continued to make Borbenibenigus wonder about what lies beyond the door, what is beyond the room. After the events of him last attempting to fight Zander which was unsuccessful, he hasn’t seen Zander since, and has been contemplating about what lies beyond the room. He has thought of many possibilities that really don’t make sense. What if he woke up in another dimension, what if he was taken to another world without his own will? These were questions that Borbenibenigus had in mind, and kept him to be pondering. As well as the fact that he felt empty from when he initiated a fight with Zander and when the doorknobs attacked him, that feeling was entirely gone. this made Borbenibenigus feel strange and wonder even more what’s been going on. Lately, the doorknobs haven’t been bothering Borbenibenigus lately, which lead him to be curious what changed their behavior.

“Hey Hellfire, are you there?” Borbenibenigus asked to satiate his curiosity, “What happened to you guys?”

Hellfire simply attempted to not notice him and let a blank face to remain as if he were ignoring him. Borbenibenigus stared at him for a moment to see if there were any distinct movements, which lead Hellfire to sort of sweat out of nervousness. Borbenibenigus then went back to the bed to ponder about the door knobs, and their behaviors. He recalls that they have their own personalities as if they were people but they’re not people. This lead him to be quite confused about the topic and his miniscule mind sort of exploded within due to attempting to contain the complicated information that he was given weeks prior. As he was trying to contain the information, a shadow loomed over his face which lead him to slowly tilt to see what it was. To his surprise, it was simply Hellfire who came out, who was bending over to not break the ceiling.

“Look boy, the reason we haven’t been bothering is that Zander, well he threatened to kill us if we make another commotion. That’s why we haven’t really been trying to bother you. Anyways boy, what’s your name,” replied Hellfire to the previous greeting moments ago.

“Well… I’ll tell you my name…” replied Borbenibenigus who was thinking up of a plan, “If you, could… well help me get out of here?”

“Fine, fine boy, we’ll help you get out of here if you help us get out but, you’re gonna need more than my help,” agreed Hellfire, who was proceeding to get the fell-angel, “Hey Felitope, we’re going to need your help.”

The fell-angel then proceeded to somehow by magic, fit through the space where Hellfire once occupied. She didn’t really look too happy about what Hellfire demanded for help. As she, had before had helped him numerous times, and was indeed tired of it. She had thought to himself, can’t this useless demon do something for himself once?

With an arrogant tone Felitope asked, “Oh, what could it be that you need Hellfire, you need me to scratch a part of your back again? Or maybe make your space on the door, a bit more comfortable? What is it peasant?”

“Ugh, enough with your jokes… we’re going to need your help if we’re going to get out of this place,” replied Hellfire who was serious for like the second time he has ever been.

“I see, I see, for once you had something useful in your mind. You can finally think all by yourself, now can’t you Hellfire?” She had stated in a manner to mock Hellfire.

“Whatever, anyways we gotta come up with a plan before the surveillance comes. Last time we were out here, we broke the rules to our pact, so now if we’re caught, we’re in big trouble.” stated Hellfire, who was a bit anxious.

“A pact, what is that?” asked Borbenibenigus who was quite unknowledgeable on the subject.

“You see, a pact, is well, it’s basically a contract between human and well you heard it weeks ago, Manifestation Spirits. What this means is, if we break what the human agreed to, they can punish us in any way. It’s quite abusive but, so can we if we were able to come up with an agreement.” replied Hellfire, who was a bit haughty since he was able to state something important before Felitope did.

“Okay, that’s a bit confusing but, did you guys add something to your pact, contract thing?” asked Borbenibenigus who was still quite confused.

“No, we were unable to unfortunately, since Zander is so powerful, he threatened our lives to agree with his contract. His contract well, it was that we follow the order he gave us, otherwise we would get punished by him. We have failed to really act as guards, and he noticed that we were trying to escape.” stated Felitope with somewhat a disappointing tone.

“T-then, how are we going to escape, if Zander is so s-strong?” asked Borbenibenigus who was despairing.

“There are ways to break pacts, one of these is that either the human or the Manifestation Spirit dies, completely. Some spirits are able to resurrect, which means their pact would still remain. Also, the human and spirit can choose to break the pact in agreement. There’s also the forbidden technique, which is for a human to form a pact with an already pact-bound spirit.” explained, Felitope whose plan was to create a new pact.

“Then why don’t I just form a new pact with you guys?” asked Borbenibenigus who doesn’t know the side-effects.

“That’s what I was hoping you’d say, however it’s not that easy. Each pact that is made has to do with magic. Each pact as its own unique magic to break, the person and spirit can break it easily, however, outsiders have trouble since the way to break it requires decades of understanding of magic.” stated Hellfire, who was acting more arrogant today, which was starting to irritate Felitope.

“Do you guys understand this magic-thing? What even is magic in the first place?” replied Borbenibenigus who didn’t understand.

“Well before we tell you that, we gotta go back in position, the surveillance is coming.” stated both the spirits.

Felitope proceeded to shape back into a door knob and went into her place on her side of the door, she hastily did it and barely fit into place quickly without damaging the door. Hellfire proceeded and went easily fit on the door, just in time as the mysterious figures in the blue walls, had appeared. They were all looking at Borbenibenigus, and were reaching their hands out at him. They knocked over the bookshelves, and reached their hands out at him. The doorknobs came out quickly as they were witnessing this supernatural event.

“W-what’s going on, and what are these?” asked Borbenibenigus, who was afraid of what they were.

“Those are, Manifestation Spirits as well, except they feed on fear. They live in the walls since that’s what Zander demanded them to do. They act as surveillance, since fear is created from information, and when Zander sees they have eaten, he will check where they got their food.” stated Felitope, who was looking at them.

“You guys said you had to hide, why was that?” asked Borbenibenigus, with the arching shadow arms and hands approaching him.

“We are still afraid of Zander, which is that if he knows we’re afraid of him, he’ll think we learned something new, and since spirits are magical, he can control weaker ones with his magic, also we could simply hide from them in the door, since they think we’re part of the door but, only for a moment.” replied Felitope, who was slowly going toward the middle.

“If they feed on fear, then the only thing we have to do is not have fear right?” asked Borbenibenigus whose idea was indeed revolutionary.

“Well yeah… except last time we did that, we… only failed and were tortured… as despite these guys not being smart, as soon as they sense fear they kept on going and eventually they caught us” said Hellfire who was also taking up a lot of space in the middle.

Soon the walls, the doors, the bookshelves and the bed that was running away from the void, were all sent flying into oblivion. The door, which was now gone revealed an area to a forest. This lead Borbenibenigus to be curious and he went outwards toward it.

“W-wait, don’t go! Zander might be out there, he’ll kill us when he sees you!” exclaimed the spirits who went after him.

“Well, I just wanna go back home,” stated Borbenibenigus who went out there, not because of his ability to act in situations, it was due to cowardice.

Borbenibenigus ran out toward the forest-area quickly, and as he continued, the section to the forest kept getting longer and longer as if it were looping. In his desperation he couldn’t make it through the doorway, as he stopped and fell in defeat, the spirits quickly carried him through the doorway as they were traveling at high speeds experiencing the section to the forest continuously repeating tenfold, and eventually it stopped and the two spirits crashed onto the forest floor. The doorway that was once there in a tree, had sealed away, and the hands that were poking out, were crushed into the tree. Borbenibenigus was astonished at what speed he traveled at, and he fainted due to this astonishment.

By the time Borbenibenigus woke up, he was looking at the canopy of trees, which caused him to jump up and hit a certain red skull. He rubbed his head in his pain, and Hellfire’s skull fell off where it would be. The light glared in his eyes for a moment, then it disappeared causing Borbenibenigus to close his eyes, then quickly opening them as the light disappeared to see a decapitated Hellfire. This only lead Borbenibenigus to scream at this, and as Hellfire was hearing this he was placing his head back on his rightful place. He placed his hand on Borbenibenigus’s shoulder and was opening his mouth.

“Dude stop screaming, I’m fine, and how did you touch me, I thought you knew nothing of magic? Only people who have some magic are able to touch Manifestation Spirits but, since we are strong entities, you must have strong powers.” replied Hellfire who was surprised at this, while Borbenibenigus was continuing his screaming which caused birds to flutter away.

“Calm down already, you should already know that dumb skeletons can put their heads back into place,” stated Felitope in a somewhat demeaning manner.

“W-well… I didn’t… know… that… about… s-skele-letons…” replied Borbenibenigus who was wheezing from lack of air.

“Well, I’m sorry, it’s just that is common knowledge, say where did Zander even get you from?” asked the spirits.

“He got me from my town, Pulor Town or as he said Trickery Town,” stated Borbenibenigus.

“You’ve been duped, there’s no such thing as Trickery Town, that’s just what he calls towns to trick people into believing there are mystical beasts there. I’ll let you in a little secret. Mystical beasts can also form pacts, as well as Zander is actually a mystical beast.” replied Hellfire who was looking around at the surroundings to make sure there are no Zanders around.

“Wait, so he’s a mystical beast, okay, I get that. What are they anyways?” asked Borbenibenigus who was curious as his question from weeks ago remained unanswered.

“They are a bit complicated to explain yet they are simple as well. They are as stated, mystical, they can take on humanoid forms but, their true form is revealed when you flip their switch. Or in other words annoy the heck out of them.” replied Hellfire.

“Okay, I asked Zander weeks ago and he said that he wasn’t a mystical beast, and he was hurt at what I said, is he really a mystical beast?” asked Borbenibenigus.

“Well yes, he is, that’s strange, he would never act like that, also I don’t think we ever saw you ever do that, are you sure you’re not acting crazy? We, may act static on the door but, we can notice many things.” replied Felitope.

“Wait also, weeks ago you guys had attacked me since you wanted to get out since Zander trapped you there, and the only way was to get him to let you guys out?” asked Borbenibenigus who was getting more and more confused.

“What do you mean attacked? We were only telling you jokes, jeez, to think you hated our jokes that much. Even though you laughed at them. Say, are your memories broken or something, because we never attacked you?” replied Hellfire who was starting to think Borbenibenigus was crazy.

Borbenibenigus felt as though they were lying to him the whole time yet, he kept this to himself as they proceeded to set up an area to stay for a while within the forest. The whereabouts where is he is still unknown and the fact that the spirits he could trust could leave the place all the time made him feel more betrayed. More or so, he was still quite perplexed by the whole entire thing.


There might be mistakes, I’m too lazy to look over them. This is also somewhat mostly dialogue like the previous, okay bye now.

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