The Epic Saga Of Borbenibenigus: Chapter 2: Beginnings II

This is the second chapter of an epic saga known as The Epic Saga of Borbenibenigus. Remember to read through all of the chapter in order to fully understand events. These events, are in no way based off real characters or events, and all events depicted are meant in a lightly manner.

Chapter 2: Beginnings II

Although, Borbenibenigus wanted to leave the room, he had wanted to do another inspection of it. The room itself looked very comfortable as Borbenibenigus had already inspected it thoroughly, and wanted to further inspect it more for the sake of understanding. There wasn’t anything very special now that he carefully overlooked it, all the books on the bookshelves were the same book, just different colored covers. It made Borbenibenigus wonder why Zander collected a bunch of the same book, and the blue walls were a bit confusing, as if they were warping matter, and there were some humanoid figures in it. Borbenibenigus didn’t overthink it, as he was afraid if he were to go outside, the figures he saw within the walls would appear before him, possibly attacking him. He placed his hand on an unknown object, only for it to be the book Zander had gave him earlier. It appeared to have a different feeling about it, and Borbenibenigus as he walked to the book shelves, he didn’t notice the obviously noticeable, red skull doorknob, as if it were waiting to be turned and it grew more anxious. Borbenibenigus had the book Zander gave him in his hand, and compared the books to the bookshelves. The book, he had, the only thing he could make out were the characters on the book were different from the ones on the shelves. Although he could prominently differentiate them, they were depicted in a language which he couldn’t understand. He thought of what kind of language it could be until he realized he never had an education.

The red skull knob’s anxiousness grew more, and it started sweating and breathing heavily to demonstrate its frustration. In fact, it was turning more red, almost to the point of all the red conglomerating into the color spectrum of black. It was starting to sweat, and soon Borbenibenigus made notice of its strangeness. It was indeed a strange skull knob but, since Borbenibenigus had already seen Zander’s magical monocle, which was a total jerk, this wasn’t too much of a surprise. With a thunderous noise from breaking off away from the door, creating a crack as the red skull doorknob had dragged the other part of the doorknob on the other side of the door. The knob fell face forward, due to the amount of force causing unbalance, and the other face of the knob was revealed. It appeared to be a more angelic doorknob, with it resembling an angel as it looked very kind in fact it seemed it would allure victims into coming into the room. It, like the skull, also had a mouth, and was slowly becoming more humanoid as the time came by. Borbenibenigus, who was witnessing it occur, was completely bewildered with awe, and as soon fell into despair.

“Boy, it was quite presumptuous of you to ignore me. I’m known as the great demon, one of the great rulers of the underworld, Hellfire! Shoot, well that’s what they call me since my name is pretty long. A-anyways, do you want to hear my full name?” stated the red skull knob, whose tone gradually went from being arrogant, to being humble almost instantaneously.

“Look, Hellfieriousnionicious, NO ONE, wants to PRONOUNCE your FULL NAME! Honestly, there’s a reason why you’re called Hellfire, not because you’re scary and like hell and fire, it’s because everyone is too lazy to say your full name. We went over this, man…” exclaimed the angelic side of the door knob, which appeared to be quite snotty.

“Oh. okay, I just thought… this human might have been different…” replied Hellfire, who was a put a bit down,“Anyways human! Why can’t you notice simple things, that obviously stand out, hm?”

“W-well, I just didn’t notice you, well because… because, you’re… not… really uh, noticeable?” replied Borbenibenigus who soon regretted what he said.

“Honestly humans increasingly get more and more foolish…” stated the fell-angel, whilst Hellfire looked like he was going to burst as he line was stolen.

The demonic door knob and the angelic door knob, became their true forms instantaneously. The demonic red skull door knob, becoming a demon, which was quite a colossal demon, where he broke the ceiling of the roof. He was quite tall, and his iconic red skull with cross bones was still his face, he had a bony body, that appeared to be as if once muscular. The angelic door knob, slowly became an angel, she still had quite a lot of height on Borbenibenigus however, wasn’t as tall as the demon. She had a nice pair of white wings, that she spread out from her body, and she wore a robe, the usual thing angels wear. Along with the iconic halo above her head. However, they soon turned into an ugly color of dark, and the wings became a shade of dark black, and her halo, grew horns and completely turned black, with a demonic miasma contained within her wings and halo. Borbenibenigus was surprised that inanimate objects could become human-like, the objects, as they were transforming into humanoids, looked strange, as if they slowly attached tiny body parts onto themselves that would slowly grow. Now this had left Borbenibenigus with a very important question whether or not if they were the very dangerous, mystical beasts. However he also had a different question, as the ceiling that was broken by Hellfire, left a hole that revealed the sky. It was completely pitch black and made Borbenibenigus curious.

“Say, I’m just curious but, are you guys mystical beas~,” asked Borbenibenigus with a curious tone as he looked at the pitch black void above him.

“Oy, that was very rude of you, we’re clearly not mystical beasts otherwise, we well, y’know strike you down with one blow or something like that, yeah like that,” replied the fell-angel, while again, Hellfire wanted to answer it.

“Also, how come the sky is completely black?” asked Borbenibenigus again as he continued to look at the sky, “How come there aren’t any clouds, or anything really up there?”

“Bold of you to ask that question,” replied Hellfire, who was filled with arrogance as he cut off the fell-angel, “Well, you see, that’s because, we’re not in actually in the “world” you humans is that what you call them? Well we’re not in the world we live in.”

“Also, I’m just curious but, what’s your name, uh fell-angel girl person?” asked Borbenibenigus, who may or may not have been too rude.

“Oh, you’re curious as to who I am, hmm? Well, I’ll only tell you if do a task for me,” the fell-angel asked, as her wings and halo appeared to become even darker and more sinister, “That is for you, to go outside of this room and, I bet you can’t do it since you’re a coward!”

“Okay, now that was quite rude of you, I’ll let you know I’m not a coward!” retorted Borbenibenigus, who was somewhat hurt at the remark.

“Then why don’t you go and prove it boy?” stated the serpent-like fell-angel.

“Urgh, shut up about that, I just don’t want to go outside, okay?” responded Borbenibenigus with some vigor.

“Fine, fine, it seems you have a question, answer away, and feel the awe.” stated the fell-angel whose level of haughtiness almost overthrew Zander’s magical monocle’s levels.

“A…anyways, if you’re not mystical beasts then… th… then what are you?” asked Borbenibenigus with a curious and nervous tone.

“Oh, you’ll know when the time comes. However, I’d like to say, time will never come for you.” replied the haughty fell-angel, while a certain demon had his mouth opened ready to answer, whose red skull and cross-bones bent and became sad.

“Anyways, the main point, you’ll tell me your name if you leave? I-I’m just curious since I don’t have friends. Also, Mr. Zander probably doesn’t wan~” replied Borbenibenigus as he was cut off by the fell-angel and the demon.

“Zander, you SAY, the man who trapped us in here? Say, can you have him let us out?” asked both the demon and the fell-angel at the same time with their excitement clearly filled with evil intents.

“No, I don’t think Mr. Zander would want me to do that…” replied Borbenibenigus who slowly backed onto the bed-like object.

The object that Borbenibenigus had laid upon earlier had transformed into its real form while Borbenibenigus was too focused on the demon and the fell-angel. The bed as Borbenibenigus recalled, had a mattress that was nice and fluffy, that became black thorns that could easily pierce skin upon simple touch. Its thorns were ever-growing and slowly approached Borbenibenigus. It had long arching arms that could easily crush objects with a small amount of pressure from it, and stubby legs, which is why it had slow movement.

“Tch, the piece of trash had to step in now, hm?” the fell-angel stated as it mocked the demonic bed, and she had put it in its place where it sat back down and whimpered.

Borbenibenigus, had simply crouched into a ball and trembled, as he was too afraid to call for help, as they could simply assassinate him as any moment. Borbenibenigus was filled with complete despair, and now he regrets leaving Pulor Town. He started not caring whether or not the people at the town were mystical beasts, the people at the town weren’t some monsters, they were the people who raised and cared for me. He believed he understood them very well. There was too much mental strain on Borbenibenigus, and he collapsed again this time on the room’s cold floor. As his eyes were closing, he could only think of how cold and empty he felt, and futile it felt to live. He had felt betrayed by Mr. Zander, who persuaded him to stay in this death trap of a room.

Borbenibenigus had reawakened, on the same bed that was plotting to murder earlier. He had felt empty, completely emotionless, without a care in the world except bent on revenge on Mr. Zander. Borbenibenigus had looked at the red skull door knob as it was actually not a nightmare, and soon thought of despicable means to initiate vengeance. He had also believed they were mainly an illusion yet, they weren’t. A tall figure came in again, resembling Zander, who came in nonchalantly with his magical monocle of evil. As he came into the door way, Borbenibenigus, out of his anger and hate for Zander, he had attempted in punching the man yet, it was unsuccessful. Zander, as he is the leader of the bandits, is able to easily dodge Borbenibenigus’s rookie moves.

“I presume you’re wondering what those “things” you saw. There are simply known as Manifestation Spirits. There aren’t human yet, they’re completely real.” stated Zander, with his monocle, it was still sneering at Borbenibenigus who didn’t care anymore.

“This monocle, I have, it is indeed, a Manifestation Spirit. It bears the traits, of well, a Manifestation Spirit, they have their own personalities.” Zander continued on with his haughty monocle feeling hurt.

Borbenibenigus didn’t reply, except he only asked a simple question that should be answered. Whether or not Zander is truly a mystical beast, and what exactly they are.

“Say… Zander… are you a mystical beast,” asked Borbenibenigus with his eyes without a color and his tone, for it was empty, “I’m just curious… wait what are mystical beasts anywa~?”

“Ohoho, now that was quite rude of you, are you sure you’re not a mystical beast, since you’re beast-like?” retorted Zander with his haughty tone and a nice chuckcle,“No, I’m seriously not a mystical beast, you dare compare me to those fools? Haha… this is why you children are always so naïve.”

Zander slowly approached Borbenibenigus, and forcefully made him unconscious as if he used magic.

“You’ll never learn the truth of the world, as the world has been lying to you.” remarked Zander as he walked out the door knowingly he was talking to himself, as Borbenibenigus was unconscious.

Zander’s monocle made faces to Borbenibenigus to taunt him, as Zander left the room he knew his plan has been succeeding so far.

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