The Epic Saga Of Borbenibenigus: Chapter 1: Beginnings I

This is the first chapter of an epic saga known as The Epic Saga of Borbenibenigus. Remember to read through all of the chapter in order to get fully understand events. These events, are in no way based off real characters or events, and all events depicted are meant in a lightly manner.


There was a clash of the weapons, sparks flying ablaze with each strike upon weapon. These weapons of finely crafted materials, the hilt of a strong metal, the blade created from the heat of a scorching furnace, and its wielders trained in the eye. Borbenibenigus, as for him, this was his very first fight and the opponent he was facing did not falter and quickly struck down his weapon…

Chapter 1: Beginnings I

It was a nice and unusually pleasant day in the ransacked town known as Pulor Town, a town that isn’t charted on even most generic of the weakest bandits looking for easy loot. The town, as known by the inhabitants, is that it’s poorly maintained due to corrupt powers that arose in the recent governing powers. This of course lead many minor towns like this to inevitably ruin from the harsh conditions that would appear, such as pillaging, mystical beasts, and natural disasters that would lead it to ruin. Pulor Town was simply recovering from a recent pillaging of the local bandits who simply loot it for sport, knowing there is literally nothing within the town. The adults of the town, despite them, already knowing that there is no value of the town still protect the children. In spite of this, the defenses always fail, and the bandits always captures children as tribute for raiding the town. These children are repurposed from the measly weak, to emotionally broken. From rumors, the local bandits are cruel and teach the children to attack their own towns. That’s how bandits are notorious around Pulor Town, simply because of a simple widespread rumor that caused fear for belief in it. From that fear, these bandits further increase their territory and victimizing more towns.

Today, after pillaging Pulor Town earlier this week, the local bandits decide to pillage Pulor Town to create more soldiers in their forces. One of these future soldiers, in Pulor Town was quite adventurous and often got into trouble, known as Borben. Borben has quite an imaginative mind and often left to his own devices, lead him to explore the world. It was as if he could hear a voice that was calling him to act on his own as if he could traverse the horrendous climates and socially deal with society. The adults would often give a stern lecture to him yet, none of their ideals could ever reflect on him. Today, Borben decided to adventure off into a near part area of Pulor Town, the forbidden area known to the townspeople known as the Forsaken Forest. This forest was on one side of Pulor Town if you traveled far out of it, rumors have been told those of which visit Forsaken Forest, are forgotten from people’s memories, and the people themselves adopt a new personality. This of course was passed on from generations from the adults to the children to scare them, knowing of the possibilities some daredevils would recklessly visit it nonetheless. Today, as Borben was heading into the direction of the Forsaken Forest, the town’s guards stopped him before he had successfully infiltrated the forest.

“Are you trying to kill yourself, boy? You’re not ready for the trials~ I mean troubles of the Forsaken Forest, no one has been able to deal with, now come on now. Come back into the town.” stated one of the town’s guard with a somewhat serious tone that gradually became more suited for a child. Just as the other guard was sneaking to raise Borben by his back and retrieve him into the town, Borben darted for it. As children believe they were fast in fact they could out-run adults in Pulor Town, since the whole town was lacking nutrition, mainly the adults due to their self-sacrifice to preserve the children. Borben was able to outrun the guards and their constant more gradual aggressive yelling that they as if they slowly turned into incoherent beasts with growling. Borben immediately felt fear and ran into the Forsaken Forest, the guards stopped, and turned back. In fact they disappeared completely, as well as the town when he turned back. Borben was mystified and collapsed due to shock. The footsteps of men came by, which were very silent, and by the time Borben woke up it was nightfall. Some of these men slowly approached the whereabouts of Borben, where instinctively, Borben hid. From their newly alit torches he could see the men carried daggers in their hands, their faces concealed with a cloth, and their eyes… they didn’t have any. As Borben peered from the tree he hid behind, a strong hand was placed on his shoulder.

“B-bandits!! No… don’t hurt me!” exclaimed Borben in shock. His screaming caused the bandits to chuckle for a moment, with their plan to knock him out and take him back to their lair. Borben as he was knocked out, had premonitions during his unconsciousness of the unaccepting town as they would no longer know who Borben was because, he had adventured into the Forsaken Forest. He shook in distraught and was on a soft-substance, like as if it were a bed?

“Ohoho, it appears you woken up my boy… I am the leader of the bandits, Zander,” the handsome, tall man with his finely tuned mustache bowed as he looked at Borben, of whom was surprised at where he appeared.

“You seem to be confused, yes you may have heard the rumors that we kidnap children… okay that sounded completely horrible in fact we’re simply rescuing you, in fact you were kidnapped by the adults all along! The reason is those so-called adults, you children live with… well they’re not human.” bluntly stated Zander in a serious tone that astonished Borben.

“W-w… what do you mean… they’re not… human?” remarked Borben, who was quite aware of the man’s huge presence that only called for order and power.

“I mean precisely what I say, those adults at what your town is called, which is known under our explorations, is what we call “Trickery Town” short and simple. Those “adults” are mystical beasts, in fact that’s exactly why that town is not marked on most bandits’ lists because, those bandits are not saving humanity. The whole world is overran by these beasts, and we could already tell you’re not one.” stated Zander with his absolute presence, with a high-end monocle randomly appearing on his face from thin air, and a book of knowledge which suddenly appeared in his hand after its disappearance on a nearby book-shelf in the room.

“Now take this book, boy, say what’s your name?” asked Zander as his fixated his monocle in a haughty way that was almost rude, “I’m curious, as I personally brought you here.”

“W-well, my n~name is Borben…ben… I… ben… I guess?” replied Borben who was still quite nervous from the information given.

“Well, Borbenibenigus, welcome to the group of bandits,” replied Zander with a warm smile.

“Oh yeah, Mr. sir Zander, sir, I still don’t know what to call you anyways, where are the other bandits, as t~this is a bandit group right?” asked Borbenibenigus, whose name was suddenly changed, “Wait did you just change my name to Borbenibenigu~”

“Well, Borbenibenigus, you can just call me Mr. Zander. The other bandits, they are busy, raiding other villages, and saving children from their doom from mystical beasts.” answered Zander, whose magical monocle was looking awfully cruel.

“Mr. Zander, your monocle…” asked Borbenibenigus.

“Yes, what it be about it?” replied Zander in a curious tone.

“Well, I think it’s a bit scary…” stated Borbenibenigus in a manner of being scared.

“Ohoho, how is it scary, may I ask?” asked Zander in a haughty tone.

“Nevermind, nothing about it…” Borbenibenigus quietly said to Zander, as he felt too scared from the immense pressure.

“Anyways, the main point to get across, we’re saving children from the evil mystical beasts. You know of the recent government rulings,” Zander asked, as Borbenibenigus replied with his nods, “Well, those are actually mystical beasts in disguise. Oh, also I’m going to have to be gone for a moment, stay in this room, do not leave it.”

“Uh, okay Mr. Zander, I guess I will.” replied Borbenibenigus, as Zander’s monocle, slowly drifted across Zander’s face, to sneer at Borbenibenigus, who was hurt at the taunt.

As Zander had left the room, Borbenibenigus, said to himself, “What a rude monocle… honestly…” as he had imaginations of him being mean to the monocle and it being scared.

The curiosity of leaving the room, especially since that doorknob oh it looks all so special, in fact it looks as it was prophesized about… the red skull knob, with cross-bones on it. All so suspicious and Borbenibenigus made no notice of it, and looked around the room. As it had bookshelves, a nice shade of blue as the walls’ colors, the bed with a nice fluff to it. The room was comfortable, although, there were no windows, which lead Borbenibenigus curious to leaving the room.

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OK that was great I love the humor mixed with the great bit of actual plot great job looking forward to more 10/10! :smiley:

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Thanks, I did try to get in some humor that is actually relevant to the plot, oh that was kind of a spoiler, my bad.

ok ngl the detail in tht story was pretty gud although I did lose myself in one part which i wish was separated by a new paragraph with its sudden switch in time

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Borben gets ‘kidnapped’ by bandits and their leader changes Borben’s name to Borbenibenigus and tells him the people he was living with in a town aren’t actually human, then he tells borbenibenigus not to leave.

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Borbenibenigus Chapter 1: Beginnings I - Review

by a4DCube


I loved the detail put into this prologue. That’s about it.

Chapter 1: Beginnings I


if these mythical beasts are so feared, how come they are so weak they can’t defend against the “weakest bandits”?

zander is a fish name

I’m confused by the use of tilde in these parts. Usually, to express a character’s sudden change in a conversation you use hyphens or dashes.

“You’re not ready for the trials - I mean troubles of the Forsaken Forest…”

“…as t-this is a bandit group[,] right?”

Wait did you just change my name to Borbenibenigu-"

Hyphens and Dashes. A hyphen joins two or more words together while a dash separates words into parenthetical statements. The two are sometimes confused because they look so similar, but their usage is different. Hyphens are not separated by spaces, while a dash has a space on either side.
Oh and hyphens can be used for stuttering as I showcased.

Also, I love the personalities of both Borben and Zander.

All in all this chapter was good. Hope to see another soon.

(if only someone could draw this out as a comic :thinking:)

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I’ll be honest, I wasn’t looking forward to it at first because a few mistakes in wording, but as I read it really got interesting. I am looking forward to reading more.