The Elements of Pierce

I assume that you were probably already going to add this mechanic to the game, as many MMORPGs have this mechanic.

But, just in case, I wanted to ask that you add a pierce mechanic to the game. For those of you who don’t know what it is, pierce means to break through an enemies’ defenses, which can lead to more damage being dealt. *For example, if you deal 50 damage, and an enemy has a defense of 20. 50 - 20 = 30 damage. But if you had a pierce that totaled up to 17, you would pierce 17 of that 20 resist. So, 20 - 17 = 3 resist, and 50 - 3 = 47 damage.


As shown in the image above, there should be different elements of pierce, and should only be applicable to the element/class that the mob is assigned to when attacking.

Furthermore, I think the best way to gain pierce is through scrolls, not as a side bonus with an increase in damage (Like the bonus strength you get from blue scrolls), but as an individual stat boost, by itself.

Note: The picture above is not an idea that I am trying to submit to you, it is simply an example for the idea that I had in mind.

Though many would think that adding the the pierce mechanic to one of the 4 main stats (vit, dex, str, int) would be much simpler, In my opinion, those 4 stats offer enough benefits already. In addition, I believe that pierce should be one of those stats that wouldn’t be easy to get.

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Pierce is just armor penetration but with a different name, I’m sure there will be skills or something that give you a higher chance to penetrate armor, but armor penetration or “Pierce” shouldn’t be confused with critical hits.

Were you saying this because you thought I was confusing critical with pierce or are you stating this just to mention it?

Also, it isn’t “armor” penetration, its defense penetration. Armor is physical equipment while defense is something that armor can offer, which is the resistance to a certain thing.

Resistances can have many categories, that being said, Pierce isn’t another word for armor penetration.

An example, in the game, is us having high Strength. We aren’t wearing armor but we still have a resistance to hits. A Pierce would decrease this resistance.

No, I just said Pierce is similar to critical hits, but it shouldn’t be confused with it, and Armor penetration is the correct term.

Not gonna argue with you with the armor penetration thing since it seems you refuse to read.

This clarifies that they are not the same thing, and that my argument, that you didn’t read, is accurate. Resistance and armor aren’t the same thing. Armor is physical and resistance in something that can be offered FROM armor. But, resistance and defense are one in the same.

The reason why resistance exists is because… of the armor…

Read the example, Strength exists which increases defense. So armor isnt the reason it exists.

Vitality increases health.

I meant strength

Personally i find this way too complicated and annoying, i would hate managing like 5 elements in my armor, really annoying… i like it just being one number, and i think this game is supposed to be a pick up and go type thing for all, not sure though, we’ll see how the devs think about it

There can also be universal pierce, which applies to all the elements, that can be used for pvp and boss fights. But, it wouldn’t give as much pierce as an elemental stat would contain, but, it would give a decent amount.

Look, you can keep posting ideas, but i don’t really like the element stuff

Same, it seems to be making things complicated, plus designing tons of individual elements would take up a lot of time. Just sword enchantments alone are more simple and fitting to the game. It is a good concept, but it wouldn’t go well with this game.

So it wouldn’t go well with the game because it would take us too long to come up with the ideas? How does that work?

But its a roblox RPG, you don’t need 50 different elements with different effects.

Things are supposed to take time. Every update takes time. Maybe you could try looking at it this way, sub-classes have different elements.
For instance, Mage’s sub class; Priest. That’s the holy element. So regardless elements were going to be added to the game.
But, I do understand that sword enhancements are more simple than adding the elements of pierce.
Why so many elements, I never originally planned for there to be 50 elements, that would be way to complicated. I was just suggesting elements that could match our sub-classes.
Again, another example is a pyromancer, they are the element of fire, and could have fire pierce, and stuff like that.
I believe the elements of pierce could open new gates for more sub-classes to be added to the game. But if you disagree, its fine, I’m not going to flood the chat discussing this.