The economy is trash

As the title suggest the economy can and is constantly being destroyed, be it items being removed, or exploiters duping items and cash. The economy is on its last limb, and trade tax doesnt ready help either.

We have items that have contradictory values (Holy Scrolls & Ancients) and the games money balancing is way off aswell. As soon as you hit lvl 33 that when most new players realize "wow, im hecc of poor) considering even going through all the normal motions and doing all the quest they won’t really have enough cash for Forsaken Isle armor, for guild halls it’s even worse.

100g for guild hall tier 3 really isn’t the best deal, especially since that’s 10× as much as tier 2 Guild hall and I doubt most people have time to grind like this normally. The rich folks now have the ability to sell their special potions for lots of silver, or even sell access into their guild hall for items aswell now.

There’s plenty more to go over but I’m just posting this here to see others solution’s to these problems, since this is definently getting a bit outta hand and could be alot better.

Wow this is most anyone’s talked on one of my post, and a dev actually showed up here. I’m seeing lots of good things that seem pretty cool, let’s keep this going a bit


Want me to do an economy wipe?

No, it’d be cool if you stopped pretending to be berezaa tho :+1:

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Stop pretending to be tailed fox

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Guild halls especially are designed to be outside the normal price range. Pretty sure T4 guild halls are going to cost 1000g, if patterns serve. Guild halls are meant to be gotten by 10,20,50 people cooperating and donating to the guild safe, instead of one rich guy doing it all.

Yet even with that being so, there are few t3 guild and even with that being so the price range is even with all of that being so is a hard amount too get. Especially when it comes too T4

I agree tier 4 is bonkers, my guild did the math and even with all of us farming money for at least 4 hours we wouldn’t have enough. Tier 3 is definitely doable, although I think the intention is for Tier 3 and above to be more so goals, instead of things people take for granted.

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my guild almost tier 4

and it’s pretty ez to get forsaken gear, just grind for an hour at forsaken, just moglos and moglokos and boss and ur gud

You dont get enough cash, high levels usually steal kills, Boss still after all this time lags people, even with a godly pc. You’re better off doing sqr and getting the measly 15s at the end if u do enough dmg

no, a stack of coconuts give 14.8 silver and they drop 1-2 each kill, even if u get one hit on mo ko tu aa u still get like 60 silver at least from my experience, and also people leave a ton of money on the pedestal so I can take that too, it’s pretty ez to get money.

This all factors into whether are not they can even survive the lag and even get enough kills, from my experience I have to create ano tr her server just too do so and even still people come and repeat it or we dont kill enough to summon mo ko tu aa. And 60s and hour would take over 6-8 hours to even get a full set by that logic

add in the money from moglos and moglokos and u got 150 silver per hour, and normal play time is about 4 hours…

also what comp u got, it’s really not laggy at all on my computer

Are you bribing us? :thinking:


I would never bribe my community

Ok then