The Dunes Experience

Rangers “Can I just play the game and melt everything”

Everyone else: No

Anyways Dunes was a good update that was worth waiting for im just going to say my experience here

Exclaimer Dunes was an amazing update and i love the map just feels like not much content is in currently

Gauntlet is stupidly easy and needs crossbow bandits that have more range so you can’t just kill everything from range
Easy solo currently just make gauntlet harder
What you could do it make it so you have to kill every enemy currently spawned to destory the gate

Anyways the gauntlet is just the entrance on to Whispering Dunes so lets get onto that

The Dunes is perfect first go in with your first slot and is designed wonderfully for hunters
After you complete Sun and Journal quest just give yourself the barel and journal quickly grab the sun tablets then just go talk to Sal Rey and complete dunes whole questlines in 10 minutes

The SunTablet Quest should open and there should be a small hidden city
Filled with stuff
Or easier option is just more quests from locals about killing minibosses and running around

Besides this the only issues are Subclass balance Cough Ranger

There is Ranger who can nuke every miniboss in dunes in 20 seconds

There is knight who would take minutes to kill a miniboss

Anyways thats a subclass balance issue but a big descreprency is warriors being sort of neglected here

Hunters and Mages got cool new effects for bows and Mage bomb and i feel warrior was left behind

Not only do they struggle to get around some of the landscape

Summary fun update just nerf rangers because Why Not


Yeah, I have to agree, ranger is busted OP.

Just nerf DEX boosts for rangers, like reducing damage per arrow