The Dunes Dragon!

Official Report on the Whispering Dunes

Admiral Hugo,
The Whispering Dunes are in chaos! The usual threats of the Stingtails, Deathstings, Dustwurms, and Scarabs are getting out of hand, without anyone there to maintain control. To further complicate matters, a gang of bandits have moved in, and try to rob anyone trying to access the Dunes. Our personnel rosters report that we have not the manpower to quell these problems. I reccommend reaching out to the Warriors and Mages for support as we act. Clerics and Sorcerers would be ideal, and Paladins and Berserkers wouldn’t be amiss either.
Sir, if we do not act soon, the bandits will finally breach our security and overrun all of Vesteria. We must act now, before it is too late!

-Derek, Master Ranger, Second Echelon


send general kenobi

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