The Druid Mage Abilities

One day in #mushtown on the discord I was like

And everyone seemed to love the idea of a Druid, so i’ll make a forum post about it.

The Druid trainer would be an old lady with green robes covered in glowing leaves and wearing a leaf crown. (the mastery set). She would give you quests based on collecting things from nature and giving them to her, killing bosses, and things like that.

Possible interactions as a Druid:

Plantcall (Thundercall variant) Call vines from deep into the earth to trap your foe for a moment. With upgrades, your foe is trapped longer and the attack gives lifesteal.

Seedbomb (Mana Bomb variant) The bomb is now green and upon impact drops three seed mines that explode after a few seconds in a small area.

The Druid Ultimate would be called Thorns and causes all party members around you to gain Thorns (attackers take some damage when they attack yer friends)

ngl Druid reminds me of this game on roblox called Adventure Story

Druids also worship the goddess clan.