The devs need to focus more on gamepasses


We all know what they are, it’s the key to Vesteria to keep it from becoming bankrupt.

Currently Vesteria is making small amounts of money. It only produces around 40 - 70$ per day, now this might seem like alot if you were a indie developer, but when you have to split it across 5+ ways, its barely enough to sustain yourself.

When you look at Vesteria and it’s production value, there’s really nothing there. The only way to get money other than paid access is Ethyr, which you never really see much players buying anymore. The most they got from ethyr is when Veydera spent over 10k on 300k ethyr, which was a mega payday for the devs.

100% In-game purchases

a few paid items that will take them a long way.

1: Pets: Players love cute companions to join them along as they grind. It makes them feel as if they have a close friend that’s hanging out with them. Makes gameplay much more enjoyable.
PRICING: 300+ Robux per pet (depends on which one they are)

2: Mounts: Everyone hates stamina, and mounts are already planned. Why not monetize them? Not only will it help players travel, it would help show off how rich you are ingame (Im looking at you @Kiritsugu).
PRICING: 500+ Robux (Depends on your mount)

Forgotten Paid Items

Why did you forget about these?

1: Area EXP Boosts: As simple as it sounds, it would work simple too. Players hate grinding, why not eliminate that problem for all players. For a certain amount of time you can have a 60% Exp boost helping you level to max quickly and efficiently. And not making it P2W by making it affect the are and not a certain player.
PRICING: 200+ Robux Per.

2: Area Loot Boosts: Same as EXP boosts but with loot instead.
PRICING: 200+ Robux Per.

That concludes my post. The devs really need to think alot more about how much money they’re gonna earn overtime. Time really does equal to money.

I want to say berezaa said that things like pets wouldn’t be Robux based, and also mounts are going to happen after free release, and by then Bounty Hunter gamepass would exist. I think that they have monetisation pretty planned out.

I wish for all features to be obtainable without having to spend any robux. (I’d be fine if there was an item that required a small amounts of robux and would be really helpful but could also be obtained for free if you grinder a lot and were really skilled at the game.)

I don’t believe Berezaa would agree to these types of gamepass. Berezaa has declined the notion of paid exclusively such as Ethyr cosmetics as Ber wants the best looking players for example to be the ones who earned their equipment.

This would be flat out pay to win - not very earning.

Also most of Vesteria is about the grind increasing the speed people achieve end-game would not benefit the game.

The pets and mounts seem great, but the exp and loot boosts seem too P2W to me

mounts would bee too p2w, ber already said no x2 money or gold stuff, pets are probably not gonna be added anymore

frick all of these
because they are EVERYWHERE
add like game specific passes
like bounty book or maybe something that allows you to see more details (like the cursed chances)
also the exp ones are better but it’s kinda expensive

Original idea here

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I see that ber liked this. If you’re still looking at this, are these ideas still on the table?


My ideas around monetization are wildly fluctuating as I consider different circumstances for the game. Right now, I just want to get Bounty Hunter out and improved ethyr quality life and see how it goes from there. Essences might see the light of day one day, or they might just be merged with Lures which recently started spawning harder mobs that give more EXP.

pay to win isnt nice, i wouldnt enjoy it, either abandon boosts for gear/exp boosts, or make them easily obtainble with in game money (mushcoins) in the form of like a potion or something (Ex. potion of luck = more loot for Insert amount of time here)

Didnt berezaa say that he didnt want this game to be p2w, imagine if someone spammed this when a new rare weapon came out, getting off topic here, but games like hypixel skyblock dont relfect a pay to win strategy, as new players can easily gain certian potion effects such as experience 5 or magic find 3 to increase chances of gaining items in dragon fights/slayer quests. I dont think vesteria should reflect a pay to win strategy. Just a game that highly favours players that play a lot though potions that can be purchased with in game money, rather than the rich people that can just spam potions of luck because they got the money, that would be a true disparity in power

the only pay to win part that i dislike is the stat/skill tomes

  1. people that make mistakes must pay to fix or farm a boss like chad for a stat/skill tome
  2. rich people can play with the stats they want, while those who cant get skill/stat tomes often must stick to the known meta (like mage goes 100 percent int, while rich can experiment on if they like 70 vit or not)

speaking of tomes and mage stats dont do an all vit cleric it dosent work

Why not?

%80 of the ideas that you have suggested is p2w

seruisly? just no. People with wallet should not have a higher chance of getting items, escpally now with legendary enchament and such that has been added this would be extremly broken and just unfair.

Mounts should be obtained via in game You should not be forced of paying real life money to get around faster this will escpally be noticble in bigger added area, I don’t mind diffrent mount skins or mount cosmetics but to pay money the only way to obtain is really dumb, and distasteful.

As long as you can still obtain some pets for free i’m fine with this.

Overall most of these ideas are p2w and i really don’t want them to be added, Lures are one thing but having straight out buff and avantage over other players is a other thing. If these things gets added the devoloper would libbrealty make the game even more grindier than it already is. The devs promised us that this game would not be p2w, and i’d like for them to keep it that way, theres plenty of ways of making money with out turning the game p2w, i posted multiple of diffrent ideas of how to in the forums.

not that i disagree with your post but this sentence is raw irony
how can something to ease the grind in turn make it harder?

Beacuse that person should not have to skip a large part of the game and have way easier time of getting an item just beacuse they have a bigger wallet than the other person. That person with a wallet would have gained 10 levels whitin an hour while the other person would maybe only gain 1 level whittin 7 hours, does that sound fun or fair to you? It doesn’t and if the devolpers sees that no one is buying that game pass than that devoloper is going to activly try to make the game more grindier so people will feel forced to buy that game pass if they want to level up. Sort of how EA tried to pull of.