The Day in the Life of a Warrior

Playtest 14th, 2018

Randomly appeared out of nowhere, but seeing as I have a stick in my hand and the “Oracle” as she names herself calls me a “Player”, and a random Villager told me to get 25 Mushroom Spores, I guess I was a fighter at birth, or materialization.

As soon as I exited the village, I crossed over a quaint little bridge and notice that the mushrooms were moving! I decided to put an end to the heresy and poked it with my stick until it died. I found more than a couple of those little Baby Mushrooms and put an end to their sad, short lives, just for some of their spores. Oddly enough, they carried Gold Coins with them, who knew! After a few of those dead, I suddenly felt a rush of strength, vitality, and dexterity. I could hit harder, get hit for longer, and get hit less, it was good. I finally got enough Spores and gave finished this villager’s quest. Wanting more coin, I went back into the forest to kill more of the poor Shroomies. After some time, I could throw rocks at them, regenerate my own health, and hit twice. I got the coin and power and bought my very own pitchfork.

Shortly after, I found a path leading to the city named Altford. On the way I encountered Adult Mushrooms, or as I liked to call them, Shroompas. They blocked my path, but they were no match for my pitchfork and superior strength. I killed many of them, even some Big Shroompas. After I collected enough Coin and Mushrooms to make a poor village lady happy, I made my way to Altford. When I finally got there, I was stopped by a City Guard, and he informed me of three factions, the Warriors, the Mages, and the Hunters. I knew then that I was destined to join the Warriors. He told me that if I could fetch him 30 Elder Beards from the Elder Mushrooms, or as I prefer, Fat Boys, that he could give me an extra pair of City Guard pauldrons. I accepted his terms and I went back to collect those beards. On my first encounter with a Fat Boy, I ripped his beard right off and found that he hid some coins in that beard of his. I collected enough beards to make the cover of ZZ Top. The City Guard finally had his respect, and I had my pauldrons. I got into the city and sold what extra items I had collected and bought a Rusty Sword. Sadly, that sword was too difficult for me to wield at that time, so I decided to train at the beach.

When I arrived at the beach, it was overrun by Crabs. I just called them Clawboys since all they wanted to do was rave and kill me. I killed enough that I thought I could wield that rusty sword, and I found that I had to have a permit on Rusty Swords, so I headed back to Altford and learned that I need to be in the Warrior faction, and that I was eligible to join! I was finally a Warrior! With my Rusty Sword in hand, and several scrolls, I upgraded that sword through some magic and tinkering and brought my fight back to those Clawboys. Once I got back to the beach, I found a lonely fisherman surrounded by those crabs. I ran down to save him and killed those Clawboys one after the other. When they were dead, I walked up to the Fisherman who then asked me that he was trying to make a Crabcake and needed the Clawboy Claws. I handed them over and he gave me a bunch of gold and stuff. Then I heard the piercing shriek of the Big Crab, or Big Red as I called her. She was mad that I killed her Clowboys. I found some friends and we all struggled to kill her, but we finally did. Thanks to avoiided, we won the day

I made some friends today, and I killed some enemies. I felt that surge of power 14 times before I rested my head, and I consider a good day. Time to sleep for another week.



PS. I think I entered Hell, but I’m not sure

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Awesome post, looking forward to seeing what happens next on your adventure!


“As soon as I exited the the village,” - Remove A ‘the’ Please :slight_smile:
“gave finished this villagers quest.” - Need An Apostrophe For The ‘villager’s quest’
Read The Entire Thing Twice Now And I Have To Say It Is A Great Story. :+1: From Me!

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Excited to see what will happen if you are a mage :smile:

Probably in my next playthrough :+1:

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Thanks for pointing those out! I fixed them now and it should be better :+1:

Neat to see folks write about their Journey in Vesteria, I’ll be sure to read the rest of it when ya post it. :ok_hand:

what only 6 on vit youre not a real warrior